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Breakfast bundle
Great Deal!

By Mike Thayer

So having received a mailer from Natural Grocers for what they are calling a "Breakfast Bundle" - buy some bacon & eggs and get some free pancake mix, I decided to check the store out.

I've never shopped at Natural Grocers before and I was looking forward to seeing what the store had to offer and yes, the opportunity to take advantage of a breakfast deal for only $5 is quite a motivator!

Natural Grocer Curb Appeal
1715 N. Rock Rd.

The Natural Grocers concept of healthier food options and nutrition was started in Golden, Colorado back in 1955 and today that concept has grown into 162 stores in 20 states.  There are two of these stores in Wichita.   This breakfast bundle deal is a marketing promo designed to get regular customers in to buy a few other things aside from the breakfast products being promoted, as well as to expand their customer base with folks like me, who isn't yet sold on the higher prices that come with 100% organic and all natural products.

I went to the Rock Road location for this visit and when I pulled into the parking lot on a Monday morning I noted the excellent curb appeal.  There was no trash in site, no shopping carts orphaned in the parking lot, no clutter of unattended displays at the entrance.

Natural Grocer
Clean store, well stocked shelves

I grabbed a cart once through the door, which were all lined up nicely, with no previous customer trash in the carts to be seen (Hello Dillons!).  The first section you're in after grabbing a cart is the produce section, which all looked nice, fresh and guaranteed 100% organic.  I was greeted with smiles and hellos by all employees as I walked the aisles.  The inside of the store looked even better than the outside, clean floors, well stocked shelves that were organized logically, it was a nicely lit environment with no over-the-top displays or 'discount' bins that have been picked through.

Enjoying my little walk around the store, checking out prices and the product variety, I arrived at the egg section.  Like the employees, the customers are friendly too!  Two ladies arrived at the egg section the same time I did, apparently on the same mission as I was.  With the mailer in hand they were in search of bacon, eggs and pancake mix.  We politely took our turns grabbing a dozen eggs for $1.99 and in saying "Hi" quickly discussed the great deal, then like members of a scavenger hunt, we were off to find that package of bacon for $2.99. 

After gathering up the bacon and pancake/waffle mix (gluten free), I toured the aisles a bit more and picked up two bags of my current favorite snack, popcorn.  Natural Grocers has a great chip aisle by the way to include some fantastic popcorn options.

Natural Grocers
Total price - $11.56

The total price for a dozen eggs, a 12 ounce package of bacon, a box of pancake/waffle mix and two bags of popcorn was $11.56.    The breakfast bundle deal truly is a good one.  My first time shopping experience at Natural Grocer was a very pleasant one and I look forward to my next visit, with the intent on exploring the produce section in greater detail.   I was actually a little surprised by the prices, they weren't as high as I thought they might be for a store featuring healthier alternatives.  Natural Grocers is definitely worthy of a repeat visit.  It's a clean, well maintained, well stocked store with friendly, helpful employees.  What's not to like in that? 

Wichita Locations:

1715 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67206

10520 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67212


$pend Wisely My Friends...

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