A first taste of Fatburger Wichita
The Bachelor on the Cheap Burger Challenge 2022: Who makes the best burger in Wichita? Is it The Anchor?

A 2022 Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Who makes the best burger in the Wichita Metro?

Best Burger in Wichita
Who makes the best burger in Wichita?

By Mike Thayer

So after sampling Fatburger July 27th on its opening day and receiving some feedback from readers, in the name of "Food Science" I've decided to embark on another Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge:  Who makes the best burger in the Wichita Metro?

I've done similar challenges,

But I've never completed a best burger challenge (started one for local joints in 2020 but then COVID hit) let alone a contest this comprehensive, evaluating ALL contenders for Best Burger, be they a local, regional or national establishment.

During the course of this challenge I'll be sampling classic cheeseburgers, OK, it MAY have some bacon on it, but otherwise straight forward beef and cheese goodness with the typical toppings. The way I see it, if you can't put together a classic bacon cheeseburger and do it well, then there's no reason to sample a burger joint's other burger options. So there will be no BBQ & onion strings, no on habenero & mango, no on avocado & cucumber, etc., versions of burgers.

Bachelor on the Cheap Burger Challenge 2022
Burgers evaluated on a point system scorecard

As a former Certified Competition BBQ Judge, I've taken that scoring system and tweaked it to judging burgers. Being evaluated on a point system scorecard will be a plethora of categories that includes but is not limited to the appearance, meat, bun, meat to bun ratio, the cheese, how the burger is dressed (that means the assortment of veggies, sauce and/or condiments for those of you who live in Haysville), price and more.  Weighing most heavily in the score of course, is TASTE and depending on the size of the patty, I could be sampling a single or a double, there's a quarter pound minimum.   After scoring the burger, I'll post a review for the respective burger joint, compiling all that data as I go from restaurant to restaurant and I'll post all the numbers for each burger sampled in a final report.

The things I do in the name of 'food science'... (cough), stay tuned for the next burger review! 

The end of the Challenge is near...  Just a few more joints to visit.  The TOP 10 list will be released on the 23rd!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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