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Radishes & Ranch for an afternoon snack

By Mike Thayer

Radish snackI used to eat a lot of raw carrots, I love 'em, they have a nice crunch to them and an ever-so-slightly sweet bite.  Back in the day when I was trying to lose weight the hard way and before the Carb-Check diet came to be, you would see me with a snack plate of baby carrots and ranch dressing.  But once I discovered the carb count and developed the Carb-Check Diet, carrots were eliminated from my daily snack menu, they are just too high in carb count to be included in every day eats if you're trying to lose weight.   Carrots are more of a maintain weight food, not a weight loss food.

Replace those carrots with radishes! Radishes have a similar crunch to carrots and while they don't share the slightly sweet element of carrots, the peppery flavor of radishes still satisfies.   And yes, by all means eat those radishes with Ranch Dressing!  Pictured right radishes, Ranch and some seasoning salt, a snack of about 4 carbs with about half that coming from the Ranch dressing.

Carb Comparison:

  • 1 cup of of carrots:  12 carbs
  • 1 cup of radishes:  4 carbs

It's a no-brainer!

And with radishes so easy to grow in the garden - you can start harvesting in about 30 days - this is an item you don't have to purchase at the grocery store.  They're low maintenance, put some seeds in the ground, thin them out a bit once they sprout to ensure bigger radishes and 30 days later, you've got some great snacks!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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