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Product Review: Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor

Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor
This machine can handle all food processor jobs

By Mike Thayer

Best food processor ever!

It's got power, it can process anything, it's got accessories galore.

Courtesy of Cindy C., the hardest working woman I've ever met in my life and my best friend, I've got an it can do anything food processor.  I think Cindy is on a mission to ensure a bachelor's kitchen is a well equipped kitchen.  She and I go way back, I've known her since 1990 when I worked part-time at a grocery store deli and she was the assistant manager.  I can tell her anything and she wisely takes it all in, offers sound advise and slaps me upside the head a few times as necessary when I get stupid.  But to get back on topic, she has tutored me in the world of baking and cooking in general, we've learned from each other when grilling/smoking be it on a Weber Kettle or a Traeger Smoker and she knows her stuff when it comes to having the best kitchen equipment available to do the job right.

The Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor

Here's the description from the Cuisinart website:  The Cuisinart Elite Collection® 14 Cup Food Processor boasts a 1300 watt peak power motor to power through your favorite recipes with ease. With innovative design solutions including a 4½ cup work bowl nested inside the 14 cup bowl, adjustable slicing disc, and a reversible shredding disc, Cuisinart gives you multiple food processors in one! The SealTight™ Advantage System including BladeLock maximizes the capacity of your work bowl by containing ingredients in the sealed bowl - and the blade locks in place sealing the bowl from the bottom and won't fall out when removing your prepped ingredients whether mixing, processing, or pouring. Plus clean up is a breeze as the removable parts are all dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor
Additional bowl, spatula, blade options

I've burned through a few food processors in my day, with trying to make dough usually being the culprit in killing a processor prematurely.  You just can't do dough in an ordinary processor, you have to have something heavy duty like the Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor.  There is a three year warranty on the motor, not typical in the food processor world and with 1300 watts of peak power, this unit will knead dough, chop nuts and mince meat.

This machine will slice, dice and mince any vegetable you desire in short order.  You can make a tasty pizza dough in minutes without having to worry about burning out the motor.  With an assortment of blades to match up with the food processing task, this machine makes all food prep easy and all detachable parts are dishwasher safe!  Coming with two work bowls, this machine chops, purees, kneads, slices, shreds and whips.

Retailing for about $350, I'm giving the Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food Processor 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It may seem pricey, but you won't have to buy another food processor ever again.  It will do everything you ask it to do and then some.

5 stars



Cuisinart Food Processor
Cuisinart has you covered in having the right blade for the job

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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