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Meal Kit Review: HelloFresh Taqueria Pork Bowls

By Mike Thayer

Taqueria Pork Bowl
Easy to follow recipe, eat in 20 minutes!

This is the fourth post in a series of HelloFresh meal kit reviews

I'm reviewing the ready meals from HelloFresh in another Bachelor on the Cheap series, having received a shipment of four meals.  My first post was a review of "Meatloaf A' La Mom" to include a comparison to another meal subscription service, EveryPlate.  Links to other related articles are posted below.

The four meals received in the shipment serves two people per meal and the delivery included all the base ingredients and instructions for the following meals:

  • Meatloaf A' La Mom - The first meal I tried, quite tasty!
  • Italian Chicken Over Lemony Spaghetti - Excellent, with a great sauce
  • Taqueria Pork Bowls - Today's featured review
  • Citrus Pork Tacos - Delicious and the early favorite of the four

For my fourth and last HelloFresh meal of this shipment, it was Taqueria Pork Bowls with Corn Esquites, Sour Cream & Cilantro.    The visual on this recipe card really appealed to me, perhaps I saved the best for last?

HelloFresh Taqueria Pork Bowl
Prepared as instructed

Pulling the package of ground pork and the "Taqueria Pork Bowls" meal bag from the fridge, I clipped up the recipe card and went to work.  The prep time for this meal is just 5 minutes with a cook time of 20 minutes.    That's an easy peasy meal and the quickest one of the bunch.  This recipe included making Corn Esquites, the popular Mexican street food combining lightly charred corn, mayo, cheese, chili powder and lime juice.

The aromas emanating from the kitchen were awesome and my mouth was watering before I sat down to eat.  "Seriously," I said to myself, "all those great smells generated in just 20 minutes?"

Yes.  The rice was very aromatic, with the nutty notes of the Jasmine in the air.  The Southwest Spice and chili powder, the lightly charred corn, the lime, jalapeno and cilantro all combined to make my kitchen and dining room smell like a quaint Mexican Cantina.

This is a FANTASTIC bowl, a great, easy to follow recipe, a flavor bomb of Taqueria deliciousness!  All of the meals I received from HelloFresh were delicious, but this was hands down my favorite.  I wanted to eat the second serving it was so good, but refrained in order to have something for lunch tomorrow.

I am pleased with the flavors and easy to follow recipes that HelloFresh provides.  I've sampled all four of the meals that were delivered.  I'll be rating this service and tell you which one in the HelloFresh vs. Everyplate Meal Kit Challenge I prefer.  I'll break things down such as meal prep, variety, recipe instructions, the quality of the ingredients and most importantly the flavors at meal time.  Stay tuned.

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