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Shopping Review: The Dollar Tree on South Rock Road needs some TLC

Dollar Tree
1625 S Rock Rd Suite 115 B, Wichita, KS 67207

By Mike Thayer

In need of some household cleaning supplies such as bleach, all-purpose cleaner, some sponges and the like, I stopped in a Dollar Tree for those items and to save a few bucks.  Regular readers know I'm a Dollar Tree fan and I've done a few Dollar Tree vs. Name brand item comparisons.  Dollar Tree came out on top, without a sacrifice in product quality.

I stopped in the Dollar Tree I usually frequented when I lived in my apartment, the store being just a hop, skip and a jump from where I lived.  I often walked there to pick up a few things.  This particular store has recently changed managers and hopefully for the better, as this location is looking more and more run down on an almost daily basis.  The Dollar Tree on South Rock needs some Tender Loving Care.

Dollar Tree
Empty shelves, dirty carpet as you walk in

When you first pull into the parking lot, it's an adequate appearance, but not spotless clean.  There always seems to be a candy wrapper, empty chip bag or even a fast food meal bag laying along the approach to the store entrance.  In other words, the curb appeal has room for improvement.  Enter those doors and yes, you're greeted by an employee at a nearby register, "Welcome to Dollar Tree," but you're also 'greeted' by very worn out carpeting that's in dire need of some vacuuming.  I understand it would be quite a project to pull up all that carpeting and perhaps refinish the concrete floor underneath or install new carpeting.  But what's on the floor now, with all the fading, worn sections and spill spots, it's an eyesore.  As a result, this store never looks clean.  To note, the more modern Dollar Tree stores have polished concrete floors which are far easier to maintain and don't become eyesores.  Merchandise stocking and empty shelves is an issue as well.  There were a lot of empty shelves in this store on this shopping day and there doesn't seem to be much of an effort to properly face and rotate product. 

Dollar Tree
Empty shelves, product in disarray

Located at 1625 S Rock Rd Suite 115 B, Wichita, KS 67207 (the plaza on the corner of Harry & Rock) this store can be very busy at times.  But it doesn't matter if the store is busy or if there are just a few customers shopping as was the case on this occasion, this store shouldn't always look unkempt.  For every busy time, there is a lull in the action and that's an opportunity to face product, restock and police the aisles and approach to the store.  Compared to the other Dollar Trees in town, this one is kind of a dump.  A better manager could turn things around.  A better manager ensures the store is clean, presentable and shelves properly stocked.  You know it's a mismanagement issue when one Dollar Tree doesn't have something on your list (S Rock Rd.), but you drive to the next nearby Dollar Tree and they've got what you need (East Lincoln).

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Worst Dollar Tree in Wichita?
Messy shelves, dirty floor


$pend Wisely My Friends...

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