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Slider Shak Fish Sliders - It's Another Dose of YUM!

Slider Shak Fish Sandwich
A bit of a blurry pic, but does that look good or what?

By Mike Thayer

Eating fish sandwiches on a daily basis for lunch and dinner...  You know I'm doing this Challenge in the name of 'Food Science' (cough), right?  I'm eating through the bad and average sandwiches so you don't have to...

In 2018 I reviewed the fish sandwiches from national fast food chains but I figured it's time for a fish sandwich update.  I'll be reviewing all those restaurants again, as there's been some changes, some 'new and improved' sandwiches as well as new offerings.  But for this 2022 review, along with the fast food joints I'll be including fast casual chains as well as the local restaurants, making it a "Who makes the best fish sandwich in Wichita?" Challenge!

Today it was Slider Shak for lunch.

Slider Shak Fish Slider
The aromas intense, grabbing a pic and a bite at a stop light! Check out the butter toasted bun.

I walked in the place a bit after 11am and there were already customers inside enjoying an early lunch.  Another customer was at the counter placing an order.  When it was my turn, I ordered the Fish Sliders and given the option of having two, three, or five sliders, I went with three in the combo option, also going for onion rings instead of the fries and a Dr. Pepper to go.  The lady at the counter recommended the Shak Sauce for the onion rings which I embraced.  I was asked by the cook if I wanted lettuce on my sliders and if I did on how many of the sliders.  Nice option!  You don't get that kind of prep care at a national chain restaurant, I went with one slider - no lettuce.  I was now looking forward to comparing the with lettuce fish sliders to the no lettuce option.

Slider Shak
Fish Slider w/lettuce

With my drink in hand and more customers walking in to satisfy their lunch cravings, I found a seat and waited for my meal.   Shortly after responding to a few texts and posting "Mike is at Slider Shak" on Facebook, the lady behind the counter came out to my table and handed me my carry out bag.  She delivered service with a smile!  I thanked her and headed to my truck.

The aromas emanating from the Slider Shak bag were enticing!  I rolled down my window in an attempt to exercise some discipline and NOT sample the food before getting home.  The attempt failed.  Guess what I did at the next stop light?  Yes, yes I did.  I reached in and grabbed one of those sliders...  I got the no lettuce slider, the light turned green...

Regular readers know I have two catch phrases.   First and foremost, when it comes to being Mr. Bachelor on the Cheap and finding the best prices and deals around town, I recommend:  "$pend Wisely My Friends..."  When it comes to food, if it's delicious as in with a WOW factor, "It's Another Dose of YUM!"

Slider Shak Fish Sliders - It's Another Dose of YUM!   The sliders are STELLAR!  I was wearing some Slider Shak sauce on my shirt after taking a couple bites through the intersection at 47th & Broadway when the light turned red to green.  Ooops!  Fried to perfection these golden, brown and delicious slider sized fillets are battered and seasoned well, providing a FANTASTIC crunch on the outside but leaving the fish moist and flaky on the inside.  It's an absolutely wonderful bite.  And I have to tell you, I'm not a fan of cheese on fish, but Slider Shak makes it work here.  Some restaurants do the tartar sauce and American cheese thing (Hello McDonald's) which is NOT a good flavor combination in my humble foodie opinion, but the Slider Shak sauce - kind of a Thousand Island hybrid sauce kicked up a couple notches - is a star on this sandwich delivering tangy and zesty notes and that slider amount of cheese actually compliments the bite.  Combined with that butter toasted bun and fresh lettuce balancing everything out, I have to say it again - It's Another Dose of YUM!  Slider Shak provided me LAYERS OF FLAVOR and super nice variations in food TEXTURE in something so simple really, as a fried fish sandwich.

Fish Slider
Look at that fish to bun ratio AND the flaky fish, spot on!

Scoring 62 out of a possible 63 points, Slider Shak delivers an elevated Fish Sandwich in Slider form.  Costing me $14.07 for the combo meal of three sliders, onion rings and a drink, it seems a bit pricey for a fast food meal but OH MY is it worth it and what Slider Shak delivers is DEFINITELY a repeat buy!

Slider Shak scored the highest total so far in this challenge with the 62 out of 63 possible points tallied.  With a dozen restaurants reviewed so far and 11 left to go, looks like they are THE restaurant to beat!

5 stars

Slider Shak is located at 4628 S Seneca St, Wichita, KS 67217 and is a MUST VISIT destination!  I was provided great service with a smile and fantastic food!

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