Rating Fish Sandwiches - Where does McDonald's rank?
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Rating Fish Sandwiches - Where does Long John Silver's Rank?

Long John Silver's Fish Sandwich
A battered fillet, not breaded

By Mike Thayer

Burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, tacos......

What are you supposed to eat when none of the above sounds good?

A crispy fish sandwich of course!

But what restaurant makes the best fish sandwich?

In the name of 'food science' (a'hem, cough), I have been sampling fish sandwiches for lunch AND dinner, hitting 10 restaurants so far in this challenge. Which restaurant and their version of a crispy fish sandwich will get top honors?

For dinner this day, it was Long John Silver's.

Long John Silver's Fish Sandwich
It could have used another pickle

Below is the 2022 review for Long John Silver's, which finished second-to-last in the 2018 review.  Here's a snippet from that reviewThere was no real crunch in that first bite, in fact, it was gummy. Some of the outer edges had a slight crunch, but there was virtually no crunch at all in the 'meat' of the fish, it was mush.

What a difference a fryer at the proper temp can make! I got a delightful crunch in every bite and a batter crunch bite, not a breading crunch bite.  The fish wasn't mush like it was in 2018 either, it was moist and flaky, the result of a proper fry.  The sandwich was adequately dressed with the tartar which was a bit bland so it could have used another pickle as I didn't get pickle in every bite.  There's just something about the pairing of fried fish and having a tartness to go with it in either the tartar sauce and/or the pickle.  There was nothing special about the bun, it could have used a toast and while the fish fillet had plenty of width, it wasn't the thickest fillet so the fish to bun ratio was a bit of an issue in a couple bites.

Alaskan Polluck Fillet
Kind of a thin fillet, fish to bun ratio a bit off

Scoring 57 out of possible 63 points and costing me $4.93, this was a far better fish sandwich than what I got served in 2018.  With a much better fry preparation this go-around, the score of 57 earns the Long John Silver's Fish Sandwich 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  A toasted bun and one more pickle would have edged it up to a 5 star sandwich and yes, it's a repeat buy.

4 stars

The Long John Silver's visited on this occasion is located at 547 S Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67207.  Hitting the drive through around 11:30am, the service was fast and friendly.  From time of pulling in line (1 car ahead of me) to receiving my order took less than 5 minutes.

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