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Oscar Mayer SmokiesBy Mike Thayer

Without question, burgers and hot dogs (that’s spelled, D.A.W.G.S) are the most popular meats to be placed on a grill in the summer time.  They're also an easy peasy, go-to meal for many families prepared on the stove top any time of year as well.   

Oscar Mayer Smokies are a great choice if you're looking for a quick and easy hot dog meal but can't take advantage of a grilled preparation.  Desiring a little smoky flavor in that dawg but cooking on the stovetop tonight?  No problem, Smokies are your friend.

Here's the description from the Oscar Mayer website:  Oscar Mayer Smokies are hardwood smoked and made with all the great taste and quality you crave. Made with no added nitrates or nitrites, no artificial preservatives, and no by-products so you can enjoy the great taste and quality you expect, with no guilt.

This is no ordinary hot dog.  Made with beef and pork, you get nice smoky notes in each bite along with a good snap, the mark of a quality dawg.  When cooking, these things plump up nicely, those smoky note juices flowing.  And hey, BONUS!  It's an eight count package of dawgs, matching the bun count!

Oscar Mayer Smokie on a street tortilla
Simple, but quite tasty!

I picked up a couple packages of Smokies the other day, on sale at my neighborhood grocery store, 2 packages for $5.  That's cheap eats and frankly (pun intended), I'll take these over the classic Oscar Mayer all beef hot dog 9 times out of 10, on sale or not.

The price is right, the smokiness is tasty and these dawgs are SO easy to prepare.  Heck, microwave for 60 seconds, put on a street taco sized tortilla (perfect size), top with any kind of mustard be it yellow, brown or Dijon to embrace that smokiness and voila, quick eats, good eats!  I'm giving Oscar Mayer Smokies 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars, these are a routine buy for me!

5 stars

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

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