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Staying at a La Quinta Inn not the best choice

La Quinta Olathe
An up-to-date hotel has easy access outlets at desk level

By Mike Thayer

According to Google, I've traveled more than 3,250 miles so far in 2022, which means I've stayed in a lot of hotel rooms.

I picked the wrong one in a recent stay in Olathe, Kansas.

La Quinta not modern
My option to plug in my laptop was to unplug the coffee pot or tv

Staying at a La Quinta Inn, I selected it because it's located just a mile from my work site and there are decent restaurants nearby.   My other choices in proximity were a Days Inn and a Best Western, both are hit and miss in my experience.  I haven't stayed at a La Quinta Inn for a long time and my previous visit was good so "Why not?" I decided.


I paid $94 after taxes for my room and while the service was polite and the place was clean, it was a bit run down.  Little things here and there left me with a, "This place is not well maintained" impression.  The pics kind of tell the story, from being cheap on the in-room coffee, to rooms not matching the pictures on the website, to the room I stayed in particularly needing maintenance and an upgrade.  The walls in this hotel were super thin.  I could hear the guest in the next room having a phone conversation, he was a salesman.  I turned up my TV to drown that out and the mattress on the bed I slept in was overly firm.  Even the complimentary breakfast was a bit disappointing, not the freshest scrambled eggs, hard biscuits and soft tater tots that had sat unattended too long.

This was my first and last stay at this particular La Quinta and the brand won't be on my list for any other travel destinations either.  I'm giving the La Quinta Inn in Olathe, Kansas just 2 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  For just under $100 a night, I expect more from a hotel for that price, as in, not run down.  Next hotel stay, I'll go out of my way for a Hampton Inn or the like.  Travel Tip:  Don't use the hotel sites like Priceline or Expedia, you'll only save like $5 off the price of a room vs. going direct to the hotel website and if you have to cancel, you HAVE to go through the third party hotel reservation outfit to do so, the hotel can't cancel, only the vendor can, it may come with a penalty and they make you jump through a few online hoops and try to steer you into setting up an account with them to boot.  No thanks!  Reserve directly with the hotel you're staying at!  A need to cancel is a simple phone call away should your plans change with no penalty and that to me is worth $5.

2 stars


La Quinta
They give you one package of regular coffee, the standard is two packets
La Quinta Olathe
No Kleenex after two tissue pulls
La Quinta
Tub/shower needs caulk
La Quinta
Cracking caulk, rust, poor water pressure
La Quinta
Nice fridge/microwave setup
La Quinta
Rooms not as bright and inviting as the pics on the website
La Quinta
Broken ice machine
La Quinta Olathe
It's a bit tough to see with the window screen blurring things up a bit, but a cracked window

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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