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Food Review: Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl

By Mike Thayer

Marie Callender's Mac & Cheese Bowl
Only 390 calories

I do a lot of traveling and when on the road it can be all too easy to eat poorly, feasting on burgers, fries and pizza.  Not only is that a high calorie routine, but it can be expensive too!

So on my most recent road trip, I decided to change up my meal routine a bit by taking advantage of the microwave in my hotel room and getting one of those frozen, heat and serve meals.

From the ambience of a La Quinta hotel room, today I'm reviewing a Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl.  Here's the description on the box:  Shrimp over pasta made with a buttery white wine garlic cheese sauce.

Hoping it would be a decently tasty alternative to a burger and fries or pizza, I prepared the bowl per the package instructions and as that bowl rotated while being nuked I read the nutrition information - 390 calories - not bad!

Shrimp Mac & Cheese
Count the shrimp...

But that's where the excitement ended.  This bowl of pasta and a few shrimp is BORING!  I was SO wishing I had packed some black pepper and/or red pepper flake because Marie Callender forgot to season this thing.  The pasta was OK, but the cheese sauce was weak, I didn't get any robust flavors of garlic, butter or white wine and the number of shrimp you see on the box is accurate for this "Big Bowl."

Costing me $5, I'm giving Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  I didn't shell out near as much cash as I would have eating at a Bar & Grill or ordering pizza, but my meal really lacked any punch of flavor.  It was quite bland.  It is NOT a repeat buy and I'll have to look for other meal options for my next trip.

Three stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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