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Product Review: Relief Factor

By Mike Thayer

Relief Factor
Does this drug-free option for pain relief work?

You may have heard the commercials on the radio for Relief Factor, a drug-free option for reducing or eliminating everyday aches and pains.

Here's the hype from the Relief Factor websiteRelief Factor has helped tens of thousands of people struggling with everyday aches and pains. Taken as designed, Relief Factor reduces or eliminates pain all day, every day.

I'm one of those people that suffers from everyday aches and pains.  I endure mild arthritis - joint pain and stiffness - and I fractured my hip back in 2014 which put me on bed rest for six weeks.  I will eventually need hip replacement surgery when my real one finally gives out.  Doc recommended I hang on to my real hip for as long as I can tolerate the pain.  I can still do all the things I love such as gardening, fishing, landscaping and going for walks, but the bending, twisting and grabbing is getting more painful as I age.  Even something as simple as going down a flight of stairs is challenging to the hip.

So after hearing the Relief Factor commercial for the umpteenth million time on the radio, I decided to give it a try, ordering their '3 Week QuickStart' package.  The marketing claim is I could be mostly or completely pain free like so many others using the product after three weeks. 

I'm not really into taking any drugs for pain, I don't take things like Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Advil.  I take a daily aspirin but that's more for heart health than it is for pain.  So that's another reason the Relief Factor product appeals to me, it's a drug-free option for pain relief.

I received my 3 Week QuickStart pack on January 18th, so I've been taking it as recommended for four days now.  We'll see if their claim of being mostly or completely pain free in three weeks rings true.

Costing me $19.99 plus shipping for the QuickStart package, I'll keep you posted on the pain in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!  Will this be money well spent, or money wasted?

$pend Wisely My Friends...


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