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What to do with that leftover Christmas ham

Food Review: Sonic's Country Fried Steak Toaster Sandwich

By Mike Thayer

Sonic's Country Fried Steak Toaster Sandwich
A fried beef sandwich, what's not to like?

I've been on a bit of a Sonic kick lately, it's been my go-to when I'm not quite sure what I'm in the mood for.  Their menu is quite diverse, one that can satisfy just about any kind of fast food craving, the drive-up joint pretty much has everything covered.  There are salty and sweet choices, tender and juicy options, there's crispy and crunchy variety... all kinds of textures and flavor notes are on the Sonic menu.  

On this occasion I didn't really know if I wanted a burger, a chicken sandwich, or sauced up chicken tenders so what I do when I'm in that "I'm hungry but I don't really know what I'm in the mood for" mood...  I pull into a Sonic, start reading the menu and order whatever pops out at me...  It didn't take long for it to hit me - Sonic's Country Fried Steak Toaster Sandwich!

Country Fried Steak Toaster Sandwich
Excellent meat to bread ratio

I've never had this Sonic offering before and what a perfect selection for my "Not quite sure what I'm in the mood for" mood...  Country fried steak in a sandwich, it's beef, battered and fried like chicken!  Topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato and served on Texas toast this sounded like a winner, winner chicken but it's beef dinner!

This sandwich hits all the fast food craving notes, the nicely seasoned, tender, juicy beef with that batter providing a nice crunch in each bite.  The creamy mayo, lettuce and tomato give the sandwich balance and that Texas toast, oh my!  The toast is a perfect compliment to the fried beef, it's buttery and delightfully crispy on the outside without being greasy on the fingers and soft, fluffy, delicious on the inside. 

Country Fried Steak
The only real downer, not the freshest looking tomato, too thinly sliced too

Costing me $8.97 for a combo meal which included tots and Sonic's classic cherry limeade, I'm giving the Country Fried Steak Toaster Sandwich 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's a very good sandwich, satisfies just about any kind of burger or fried chicken craving, it's wallet friendly and is most definitely a repeat buy.  My only knock on the sandwich was the tomato slices, not the best looking tomato...

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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