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French Fry Battle: Wendy's new fries vs. McDonald's

By Mike Thayer

French Fry Battle: Wendy's vs. McDonald's
French Fry Battle: Wendy's vs. McDonald's

When it comes to fast food, a lot of folks claim that McDonald's has the best fries.  I'm one of those people, when they're hot and salted correctly, they're tough to beat.  Coming out of the fryer, McDonald's fries are golden brown and you get the slightly crispy outside and fluffy potato inside.  When they're done right (a key phrase for McDonald's) the fast food king delivers what you're looking for in a french fry, it's a nice bite!

Well Wendy's has come out with "New" fries and in their marketing, are saying their fries are better than McDonald's fries. 

Here's the marketing hype from the Wendy's website: 

New Fries Are Here

And they're our best ever.

If you’re looking for cold and soggy French fries, you better look somewhere else. That’s because Wendy’s® new fries aren’t just hot and crispy...they’re guaranteed to be hot and crispy. Or we’ll replace them. We’re talking natural-cut, skin-on fries, sprinkled with a hint of sea salt. These fries are no afterthought. They’re ones you won’t forget.

French fry battle
Wendy's is a thicker cut fry

"Cold and soggy French Fries"...  That's a direct slam on McDonald's, notorious for filling their fry bin with staged servings of fries.

I like what Wendy's has done here, because natural-cut, skin-on fries are becoming the preferred kind of fry, the style you get in higher end burger joints, BBQ places and steak houses.  Why are they increasing in popularity?  Because this style of fry delivers better flavor and Wendy's is smart to recognize they need to up their game.

So how are the new Wendy's fries you ask?

I'm no longer saying "When McDonald's fries are fresh and hot, they're tough to beat."

In a side-by-side comparison, Wendy's has the better fry.  It's a bigger, 'meatier' fry, I got a better crisp on the outside and there's more fluffy potato inside.  They were perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned.  And it's not that the McDonald's fries were bad, I didn't get a staged serving, they were hot, but they flat out just weren't as good.  It's a thinner fry, a fry that's been the same style and fast food king for quite some time, but in my humble opinion, the skinny, not as much potato to be crispy on the outside, less potato to be fluffy on the inside has been dethroned.  Wendy's has a better product and comes with a hot and crispy guarantee.

French Fry Battle
McDonald's charges you more for an inferior fry

The Wendy's large fry cost me $3.21.  The McDonald's large fry cost me $3.54.  I did "just fries" orders for the purpose of this comparison, which is not exactly a wallet friendly thing to do.  Combo meals are they way to go if want bang for your buck.  But given the price, McDonald's charges more for an inferior fry.

5 stars I'm giving Wendy's new fries 5 out of 5 fast food Bachelor on the Cheap stars. 

4 stars McDonald's gets 4 stars and have been unseated as fast food french fry king.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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John A Rumary

Help me out here....please tell me why do skin on fries give better flavor? Are you really stating that the .25 x .25 inch, Itty bitty square of potato skin on the bottom end of a French fry is really influencing the flavor of a fry enough to be noticable? Not only noticable, but even better than the reining champion French fries?

Is this some new discovery by mankind, that the potato skin packs such flavor onto a French fry that we have only recently discovered it? People have been peeling and discarding the skin for thousands of years and only now has humanity found out that this has actually been a giant mistake? Thank you Dave Thomas! Shoot, for many decade's, potato skins have had to be stuffed with cheese, sour cream and bacon bits, to be palatable!

Cmon man!

Mike T

Thanks for reading John! I simply stated that skin on fries are becoming the preferred kind of fry. Skin on does add another layer of flavor, another element of texture to the fry and in a side-by-side comparison, Wendy's has the better fry in my opinion. It's a bigger, 'meatier' fry, I got a better crisp on the outside and there's more fluffy potato inside. They were perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned. And it's not that the McDonald's fries were bad, I didn't get a staged serving, they were hot, but they flat out just weren't as good.


I had the Wendy french fries a week ago and they were awful. All the fries were short stumps (more skins than fry) and handed to me cold. Macdonald's is by far the best and always served hot. The taste test is a farce and the skins make the fries taste worse than before. They were trying to be a five guy's wannabe with the skins but it doesn't work with short fries.

Mike T.

Thanks for reading Jared! Wendy's has a served hot guarantee, hopefully you let Wendy's know your fries were served cold and got a fresh serving.

Kenneth G

Everyone has an opinion and I disagree with yours. McDonald’s has the best fries.
Maybe you should do a survey instead of just your opinion.

Mike T.

Thanks for reading Kenneth!


Well, don't we have a lot of McD-stans luring today?




Sorry, McDonalds will always have the best fries to me!


Wendy's fry's will never be better than McDonald's fry's !!!!!! Hell,Burger King has better fry's than Wendy's


All things being said, neither one is any good when undercooke, which happens most of the time with both franchises. However, comparing the under cooked fries of each one to the other, McDonalds has a slight edge.
Fries should be a light golden brown when cooked correctly.


I vote McDonalds


Wendy's fries are pretty good!


Hands down....
Wendy's fries are knock it out of the park greatness! They're better than any other fast food franchise. Doesn't matter why or how, they're are just the best.
Also whoever that was that said that guy shouldn't give his opinion, but do a survey, should keep his opinion to himself. Or at least remember that everyone has a right to their opinion.

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