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Food Review: Member's Mark Beef Franks

By Mike Thayer

Member's Mark Beef Franks
Just look at the size of these dawgs!

Who doesn't love a good hot dog, right?

So I was in Sam's Club today doing a little shopping and while hot dogs were NOT on my list, they wound up in my cart.  Funny how that works when grocery shopping...

I was actually checking out the bacon - yes, on my list - when these 1/4 pound all beef franks caught my eye.  These are the same hot dogs that Sam's Club serves in the Sam's Cafe.  If you've ever enjoyed a Sam's Club hot dog, then you already know how good these things are.

Typical hot dogs weigh in at 1.6 ounces and that's why you get 10 hot dogs in a package making for a one pound package of dawgs.  It's an even distribution of weight because hot dogs were sold by the pound at the butcher shop back in the day, just like ground beef , steak or chops.  But in the 1940's, Oscar Meyer got smart and started packaging up their hot dogs in one pound packages for sale in retail grocery stores.  That's why hot dogs come in packages of 10, I'll explain why buns come in packages of 8 another time.

So, with that typical 1.6 ounce hot dog in mind, the Member's Mark dawgs are 1/4 pounders!  That means it only takes four Member's Mark dawgs to make a pound - take that Oscar Meyer!

Member's Mark All Beef Frank
An all beef frank, no bun required

After getting home and putting away the groceries, the dawgs remained on the counter.  I had to have one!  Prepared roller style, I enjoyed my dawg without a bun and simply dressed with some classic yellow mustard.  These dawgs are tasty and big sellers for a reason!  You get the snap of the skin and that all beef flavor is hot dog music in the mouth!

Costing me just $8.98 for a package of 12 dawgs, that breaks down to less than 75 cents per 1/4 pound all beef frank.  That's a very reasonable price for all that beefy flavor and I'm giving Member's Mark Beef Franks 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  Wallet friendly, TASTY and such a convenient eat, these are definitely a repeat buy.

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Best Dang Franks I ever ate. I have bought these bad boys twice now and will stay with them.

Gail S White

I love members mark beef franks however I cannot find them in my area
Jackson lake road
Jackson,Henry Cty, Georgia 30233

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