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Arby's Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich
Nice marketing twist from the slogan, "You" have the meats

By Mike Thayer

It's the fall season.  How do I know?  No, not the weather, McDonald's has announced the return of the iconic (in fast food only) McRib Sandwich.

Not to be 'outribbed'.....  Arby's has added a rib sandwich to it's menu for a limited time.  Funny how that timing worked out huh?

Marketed as a "Real" Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich, that's a poke at McDonald's and their VERY processed  and SHAPED to look like a rib, McRib Sandwich...  'jus say'n.

Here's the description of Arby's rib sandwich from the restaurant's website:  Texas pit smoked pork rib, melted smoked Gouda cheese, crispy onions, Smoky BBQ sauce and mayonnaise on a toasted star top bun.

Arby's Rib Sandwich isn't processed meat
Generous portion of real meat!

No, Arby's sandwich isn't heavily processed like McD's is, the meat isn't blended, mixed with water and other ingredients and then shaped into a rib-like thing...  But do know that "Country-style ribs" aren't actually ribs.  The meat doesn't come from the rib area of a pig, it comes from the shoulder blade section near the loin.  They're called 'ribs' because they are similar to standard ribs in terms of flavor and consistency and the finished butcher cut resembles a rib - a big boneless rib.  That's the appeal and the meat is very real!  See what I did there?  I'm a poet and didn't know it, give me a dime for my rhyme... But enough of the meats lesson and rhyming already.

So how is the Arby's Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich you ask?

Arby's Pork Rib Sandwich
Soggy 'Crispy' Onions

It's good, but not great.  In taking that first bite I got the smoke, the meat was tender yet firm, not fall apart which you're not going to get with a country style cut anyway.  The Gouda was melted nicely, the mayo was 'eh' and the bun was toasty warm and 'pillowy', a nice topper.  However, those 'crispy' onions, not so much, not much crispy at all as a matter of fact, they got soggy from the mayo and BBQ sauce.  This sandwich is also missing some tartness to balance out the heaviness of the mayo, BBQ sauce and Gouda, something to freshen it up a bit, lime juice, some pickles or even just pickle juice, something...

Costing me $6.44 the price is reasonable as this sandwich is generously portioned.  But it's a borderline repeat buy so I'm giving it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.

3 stars

Toasted Star Top Bun
Does the 'star' add any flavor to the sandwich? Of course not, but it looks nice


$pend Wisely My Friends...



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It was awesome


Hold the bbq and add at home

Terri Monte

This is absolutely the worst sandwich I have eaten in a while! For the 11 dollars and change I paid for this meal I was extremely disappointed. It was soggy with no real flavor like you would expect.Sorry Arby's you truly let me down!!!

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