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Food Review: Arby's Boneless Wings

By Mike Thayer

Arby's Bonlless Wings
Over sauced, wings in a pool of Buffalo

Like any other Red Blooded American Male, I am a HUGE fan of wings!  So when Arby's announced they were introducing boneless wings starting October 25th, I couldn't wait to order and bite!

Here's the description from the Arby's website:  Arby’s new Boneless Wings are made with 100 percent bite-sized pieces of all-white meat chicken breast battered up in a crispy, seasoned breading, and are sauced and tossed right when you order - in a choice of Classic Buffalo  Sauce or Hot Honey Sauce. 

And what a deal!  You get 6 'wings' and a side of crinkle cut fries for $5. 

"So Mike," you ask...  "How did they taste?"

As I suspected going in, these are glorified chicken nuggets all sauced up.  And they're OVER sauced, over sauced to the point of making the 'crispy' seasoned breading, soggy.  Don't get me wrong, the chicken was tender, juicy and the seasoning was there, but the Buffalo Sauce was run-of-the-mill and the 'wings' lacked 'crispy' in the bite.  Had I ordered in and eaten in the restaurant there would have been some crunch in the breading, but I ordered drive through and the less than 3 minutes drive home resulted in soggy breading.  That's disappointing.  Another issue I had was the inconsistency in the nuggets, er, wings.  Sure, I got six 'wings', but three were large, three were yes, nuggets.  The 'wings' should be more consistent in size.

I'm giving Arby's Buffalo Boneless Wings 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  The price is VERY wallet friendly - you get fries with the wings - but the Buffalo sauce is run-of-the-mill and the breading lacked crunch.  A good Buffalo Sauce not only brings some heat, but you get some buttery notes as well and this sauce is missing that.  What's nice is the availability of Buffalo 'wings' at a fast food joint, it's good to have that option.  These 'wings' however are a borderline repeat buy, I'm holding out hope that the Hot Honey option has better flavor.

3 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Carl Junior

No surprise here, Inspire Brands owns both Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings. Both are supplied frozen from the same slaughter house.

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