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Realgood Italian Cheese Cannelloni is Low Carb and Tasty

Grande Ricotta Cheese CannelloniBy Mike Thayer

Looking for some quick meals I can pop in the microwave when I don't feel like cooking, I came across a box of Grande Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni made by Realgood Italian while making my last shopping trip to Costco.

I love Italian food, I mean who doesn't, right!?  But what made me reach for the box was the protein and carb stats big and bold on the front.  Those are good numbers, 17 grams of protein and just 5 net carbs!  How Realgood Italian gets there is by making the 'pasta' out of chicken and Parmesan cheese instead of flour, they call it a 'shell', but it's much like a cheese wrap.

Realgood Italian
Prepared in the microwave

I fixed that first tray in the microwave per the box instructions and they came out perfectly heated up, no microwave adjustments required.  In taking that first bite 'as is', these things didn't disappoint.  The Ricotta cheese filling was creamy and seasoned nicely, providing that nice 'tangy-sweet' cheese flavor that sheep's milk delivers.  The 'shell' was also quite tasty, you definitely pick up the chicken and Parmesan notes, but the 'shells' as prepared in the microwave were a bit too al dente, not quite having a pasta texture to it.  The marinara sauce was good, not all that thick but surprisingly rich in flavor with little chunks of tomato like a good marinara should have.

CannelloniIn a second meal I prepared the cannelloni per the oven directions on the box.  Like most all foods, this product comes out better looking and tastes better done in the oven.  The sauce thickened up a bit in the oven heat and the shells were much more like a pasta.  Although I bought the cannelloni with the intent of nuking these for quick lunches, the oven preparation is convenient too.  It's low maintenance, just take the film off the tray and place on a sheet pan in the oven.  In 35 minutes, you've got a tasty meal that requires very little effort, I added a bit of Mozzarella per the serving suggestion on the box.

The third meal I had was the best, I doctored the cannelloni up a bit, placing them on a bed of sausage and a little onion, topping it all with Mozzarella cheese and a bit of parsley.  It was another dose of YUM!

Costing me $12.49 at Costco, that's $2.08 per cannelloni, or $4.16 per meal (2 cannelloni) making it Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly.  It's filling, it's satisfying, it's good prepared in the microwave, it's delicious prepared in the oven.  I'm giving Realgood Italian Grande Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni with Marinara Sauce 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars and it's definitely worthy of a repeat buy.  Bonus points - It's low carb!

5 stars


$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Steven K Perry

My wife and I just tried this and neither one of us could finish it.

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