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Food Review: Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon

By Mike Thayer

Appleton Farms Premium Sliced BaconBacon has been an American breakfast staple since Oscar Meyer introduced pre-packaged, pre-sliced bacon to the country in 1924.  But it's not just for breakfast anymore....  Everything's better with bacon!  The crispy, smoky, savory goodness of bacon is irresistable and makes just about whatever you're having for breakfast, lunch or dinner that much better.

As a bacon lover, I've always got a package of the stuff on hand.  Opening up a 12 ounce package of Great Value bacon purchased at Walmart recently, I said to myself, "Self, I should do a review of bacon, find out who makes the best bacon at the most reasonable price."  You can read the Great Value bacon review here, today, I'm reviewing Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon from Aldi.

Appleton Farms BaconIn making bacon for breakfast, I usually lay out six slices on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and dress the bacon with some black pepper. I'll enjoy three of those slices for breakfast, saving three slices to enjoy with something for lunch or dinner, later. With the oven at 400 degrees, I like the oven method because the bacon cooks more evenly than on the stove top, it gets nice and crispy and there's less mess! And in the 20 minutes that it takes to get that perfect bacon, I can multi-task.

Appleton Farms Bacon
Good Bacon!

Appleton Farms bacon is good stuff!  The slices are nice and even, easy to pull away from the package and place on the tray, it doesn't fall apart like the Great Value bacon did.  It cooked up nice with typical - but not drastic (Great Value) - bacon shrinkage.   The most important factor, the flavor was quite good.  This bacon has nice marbling, a good meat to fat balance with that hint of smoke.  This bacon deserves a spot on your breakfast plate, is worthy of topping a cheeseburger, would kick any dinner recipe or side dish up a notch.

20210611_080637The 16 ounce package of Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon purchased at Aldi cost me a bit over $4 and is most definitely a repeat buy.  It's Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly, it tastes good and I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

4 stars

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

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William Zentmeyer

I purchased a pound of Appleton bacon and at least 95% of it was fat if they feel this meets there standards I will not buy there products again. I took pictures and will send before and after pictures. Very dissatisfied with product

C. Austin

This bacon was almost all fat, I will never buy this brand again


This bacon is incredibly good and satisfies your appetite!


This bacon sucks. Almost all fat and little flavor. Spend more get better. Had the whole family over for Christmas and was embarrassed by the extremally low quality. Never again!


Worst bacon all fat!!

Tom G.

I enjoyed this bacon. I cooked it in the oven like the article suggested. It cooked evenly, turned out nice and crisp and had good flavor. I think people saying it's bad don't know how to cook.


I just tried AF bacon for the first time. No complaints here. Made great BLT’s…for those that complain about fat. Look your package over before you throw it in your cart.


Appleton Farms is good bacon for a good price.

Debra lund

Very disappointed in the bacon product...all fat! Bought 3 packages...that was a mistake...


This was the worst bacon I have ever had. All fat. No bacon all!


First a few observations.
Instead of complaining about fatty bacon- turn package over and see fat vs meat.
Some like fat I don’t. So I look for the ratio of fat vs meat.

I am noticing lack of flavor in bacon.
Accidentally bought the low sodium which I didn’t care for at all.
Is Appleton reducing its salt for costs savings ?
I’ll be stepping away from this brand until the flavor is improved


Bought appleton bacon from nice food market in cooking it and find in each piece a2-3 hard pieces of grizzle or bone where it was cut too close to bone. Now have to go thru each before serving to guests..

Judi hagan

this is not good bacon- lower salt is better as earlier comment mostly fat- how can you say this is bacon

11/07/2023- Aldi in Asheville, NC

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