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Shopping for a Fishing Kayak: Lifetime Envoy 106

Kayak purchase
Lifetime Envoy 106

By Mike Thayer

A couple weeks ago I wrote about shopping for a fishing kayak, needing a kayak to enjoy on the water of beautiful Lake Viking while on vacation. 

With an original budget of $700 to $900 I did some homework online and narrowed down some kayak choices, my short list is below.  After researching fishing kayaks and based on the type of fishing I'll be doing - on a lake, dealing with a few waves from motor boats and water skiers - I went for a wide bodied, sit-on kayak.  The sit-on style will give me better stability on the water, in dealing with the occasional boat waves and also provides the ability to stand up in the kayak to cast.  Other pluses to a sit-on vs. a sit-in kayak are they are easier to get in and out of, I'll be sitting higher giving me a better view of the water, and sit-on kayaks are easier to customize and accessorize.

Kayak fishing rod holder installation
Installing flush mount rod holders

The ability to customize was the key. 

After watching some YouTube videos on how to customize ordinary kayaks for fishing, I tossed my list of fishing kayaks and bought a regular kayak.  Why pay extra for fishing kayak bells and whistles when you can accessorize a regular kayak for far less? 

I went with a Lifetime Envoy 106, Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak.  It cost me just $299.98 at Sam's Club.  With paddles included, that price just couldn't be beat!   Here's another bonus to my kayak purchase, with most fishing kayaks, paddles are sold separately and that's an added expense of at least $50 so there's some additional savings and in my case, money to accessorize my kayak with!  I got a basic kayak and added rod holders, extra carrying handles, paddle clips and some nylon eye straps so I can tie some things down with as needed.  Along with a milk crate and some Carabiner clips to hold fishing tackle in place, my basic kayak quickly became well equipped!

Kayak carrying handles 2
Adding extra carrying handles

Here's what I got for $300, paddles included and customized for another $35 for a total of $335.

Lifetime Envoy 106

Length: 10’ 6" | Width: 36” | Weight: 77 lbs. | Retail: $299.98 (Sam's Club price)

Kayak paddle clips 1
Added paddle holding clips

My Lifetime kayak is a bit heavy at 77 pounds, but I'm able to get it in and out of my truck and into the water no problem, made easier by adding extra carrying handles.  It's a very stable kayak on the water, even when hit with rude boater waves from folks who have no appreciation for fishermen.  Everything I need from another rod, to a different lure to a bottle of cold water is within arm's reach.  The tandem seat set up is easily adjusted to a solo set up, takes about 5 seconds.

Here was my short list for fishing kayaks, until watching those how to customize your kayak videos on YouTube.   Look at how much money I saved!  I got a wider kayak, a more stable kayak that tracks well in the water.  And did I mention it came with two paddles?

Pelican-catchPelican Catch 100

Length: 10’ | Width: 34” | Weight: 54 lbs. | Retail: $649

The Pelican Catch 100 features a tunnel hull for amazing stability, making it easy to stand while casting. Well-planned-out accessories help keep everything conveniently stowed, and yet it’s light enough for most people to carry and launch on their own.

Pelican premiumPelican Premium the Catch 120 Kayak

Length: 11' 8" | Width: 34" | Weight: 69 lbs. | Retail: $749

Make sure to take out the Pelican Premium the Catch 120 Kayak the next time you fish. The RAM-X™ PREMIUM material tunnel hull resists wear and tear out on the water, and a tank well with a bungee cord and a quick-lock hatch provide additional room for your gear. The Ergocast G2 dual-position seating system can be adjusted to sitting or standing, and an antislip carpet and stand-assist strap help you safely stand when it is wet.

AscendAscend® 12T Sit-On-Top Kayak
Length: 12' | Width: 32" | Weight: 77 lbs. | Retail: $779
To craft the updated Ascend® 12T Sit-On-Top Kayak, our designers took our most-popular sit-on-top kayak and refined it to be even more stable, more functional, and more comfortable. The advanced tunnel design with a wide transom and flared bow sections bring a fishing kayak so stable, you can stand up and cast from it. The same design also produces outstanding tracking and couldn't-be-easier paddling. While you're standing, you'll stay comfortable thanks to the non-skid foam deck mat.
LifetimeLifetime Sport Fisher Angler 10ft Kayak
Length: 10' | Width: 36" | Weight:  60 lbs. | Retail: $688
The 10 ft. Lifetime Sport Fisher™ is one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market. The comfortable tiered seating allows for the kayak to be paddled solo or tandem and can even transport a 3rd smaller passenger in the center seat. The tunnel hull design boasts 500 lb. of weight capacity and is incredibly stable making it nearly impossible to tip over.  The Lifetime Sport Fisher™ includes two kayak paddles, two padded backrests which can be moved to any of the three seating positions, three flush-mounted fishing rod holders, and a 6 in. hatch for added storage access beneath the deck.
OutlawPerception Outlaw 11.5 Angler Kayak
Length; 11' 6" | Width:  35" | Weight: 77 lbs. | Retail: $749.99
With a wide-open deck and an expansive standing platform, you’ll be sure to love the Perception® Outlaw 11.5 Angler Kayak as you’re out angling this season. This sit-on-top fishing kayak is best used for lakes, slow-moving rivers, streams and calm coastal waters. Its folding and removable framed seat provides all-around convenience and the perfect stow position for your gear when the seat is removed. With three solo moint recesses, two double-barrel rod holders and more, the Outlaw ‘yak is perfect for making your next big catch!
Kayak on the waterI'm really pleased with my purchase, I saved A LOT of money and making the modifications to the kayak was not only easy, but fun!  The most fun though, BEING ON THE WATER!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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I have purchased the same. I am looking to customize just like yourself. Thank you.

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