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Braum's Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger
Yes, I ate the cheese off the wrapper....

By Mike Thayer

I heard the marketing hype for Braum's new burger on the radio and said to myself, "Self, I've GOT to try that!"

So while running an errand yesterday during my lunch break, I hit the Braum's drive-thru and picked up a Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger Combo meal.

Here's the description of the burger from the Braum's website:  Take a walk on the wild side with Braum’s NEW Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger.  This bacon cheeseburger adds southern flair to a classic– featuring Braum’s Pimento Cheese piled high on a juicy, beef hamburger patty and hickory smoked bacon. Throw on a slice of American cheese with mayo that all melts together for dreamy, cheesy goodness in every heavenly bite.

Winner, winner, Braum's Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger dinner!

Braum's Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger
It ain't pretty, but it is tasty!

I'm a pimento cheese fan and this cheese - the mix of cheddar and the sweetness of red cherry peppers - coupled with that hickory smoked bacon makes for a really good burger!  It was indeed cheesy goodness in every bite!

Costing me $7.41 for the Combo meal, this burger is reasonably priced and a repeat buy and gets 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  Get one while you can, this burger is for a limited time only.

4 stars

Side Note:  Hey Braum's, you need to do something different with your fries, they're less-than-stellar.  My crinkle cut fries were under-seasoned and a bit dry.  Your fries were so unremarkable, it has motivated me to do a Who has the Best Fast Food Fries Challenge.  I'm thinking Braum's fries will be near the bottom of the list.

The Braum's visited on this occasion is located at 1261 S. Rock Road in Wichita, KS.  Kudos to the restaurant and their drive-thru service, I ordered and received my meal in less than 4 minutes and it was friendly service with a smile!


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