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Food Review: El Monterey Breakfast Wrap

By Mike Thayer

El Monterey Breakfast Wrap
XX Large? Not so much...

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and my go-to meal is a Jimmy Dean sausage, egg & cheese croissant sandwich and a cup of coffee. It's a convenient, simple, but pleasurable hot breakfast to start my work day.  I also like the Jimmy Dean breakfast because I can pick up a box of 12 sandwiches for $12 at Costco, that's just $1 for a breakfast sandwich, you can't beat that!

But sometimes you need a little variety.  So looking to mix things up a bit on the breakfast menu, I happened across some Breakfast Wraps made by El Monterey.  Featuring egg, potato, cheese sauce and sausage and costing only - you guessed it - $1, I picked a few up to try.  I've sampled El Monterey products before and liked them, so I was open to sampling the breakfast wraps.

El Monterey Breakfast Wrap
Plenty of egg and potato, sparse on the sausage

Preparing the wrap per the package instructions, I had myself a convenient, hot breakfast to start my day, something a little different than the norm..... 

"How was it?" you ask...

Not bad.  The portion of egg was generous as was the potato, the cheese sauce was tasty and the sausage was good but there wasn't really all that much of it.  The tortilla held up well to the microwave preparation, it didn't get overly crispy on the outer edges (it's good to have a decent microwave, there's no uneven cooking).

I've had better breakfast burritos, I've had worse (QuikTrip comes to mind).  Overall this wasn't a bad breakfast 'wrap'.  It wasn't bland, but it wasn't wow either and it was sparse on the sausage, there is a reason sausage is listed last on the front of the package.....  The wrap did do it's job in filling me up for breakfast however and gave me that change of pace I was looking for.  Costing me $1 each at Dollar Tree, I'm giving it 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars and it's a borderline repeat buy.  I'll try some other frozen burritos, a.k.a. wraps before buying these again and when it comes to a $1 breakfast, Jimmy Dean still reigns as King.

3 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Josephine Ramirez

I regularly buy this for our breakfast at Imperial Beach Commissary. My family enjoy eating each wrap full of egg, potato, cheese and sausage. However, sometimes it's so skinny and nothing inside, it's all wrapper. Where is the quality control?

barbara stapleton

Horrible Heavy wrap with little contents.

Lorri H

I was hooked on these for a couple of years, but the last 2 packages I bought tasted awful. The sauce I think is the problem, did they change it?blah
tastes almost soapy

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