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Dinner planning made easy with WineShop At Home

By Mike Thayer

Wine Shop at HomeFood is my passion and sharing it is my pleasure.  It’s no secret that cooking and grilling are a very big part of my leisure time life, that I thoroughly enjoy slicing, dicing, flipping and ultimately, seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they take a bite of what I’ve created.

Partnering with that passion is a new experience, WineShop At Home.  It couldn’t be a better fit.  C’mon, we’re talking food pairings and wine!  What's not to like, right?.....  And what WineShop At Home provides is an awesome wine delivery plan.  You pick out the kinds of wine you like from the comfort of your home and everything gets delivered direct to your door.  Included with those shipments are food pairing suggestions along with some fantastic recipes!  Seriously, what WineShop At Home has made it so very easy for you to do, is sip and cook!  You don’t have to be a wine expert, a grill master or a 5 star restaurant chef to put together some truly great food and wine combinations!

Wines are perfectly paired by WineShop At Home with cheese, meat, dessert and entrée suggestions – it’s all there for you in every carefully packed and shipped delivery box from the Napa Valley.  Think about that.  How many times have you tried to put a meal together for a date or a casual dinner party and you weren’t quite sure what wine to have with the meal, or when it came to serving dessert thinking, "Does the same wine served with the main dish work with the sweetness of the dessert?"  And then there's, "Do I serve a red or a white wine with this?"

WineShop At Home makes it all extremely easy for you with beautiful and colorful food paring suggestions and recipe cards.  They include pro tips like chill the wine or don’t chill, what appetizers are good with a particular wine and of course, the entrée all laid out in easy to follow recipe directions.  And bonus – the recipe cards are keepers!  Save the cards because you’ll be making these dishes again, they’re THAT good!  Meal planning couldn’t be easier, just grab a few items from your pantry or pick up a few items from the grocery store and viola! A great meal complimented by great wine!

Like I said, you don’t have to be a grill master, a 5 star restaurant chef or a wine aficionado to appreciate what you get shipped so conveniently and direct to your door.  WineShop At Home is so informative with what they deliver, all you have to do is read a bit to create a truly great wine & dine experience!  Incredible wine and meal options are at your fingertips in every box!

WineShop At Home delivers Happiness in Every Sip.  I borrowed that line from the WineShop at Home, website, it's a true statement.  

Currently offering some great discounts, I highly recommend WineShop at Home, they've got award winning wines at every price, exclusive wines delivered right to your door! 

Contact Lori and set up your wine tasting today!


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