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Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pies are the best store bought pot pies out there

By Mike Thayer

Sometimes, you just don't feel like cooking....

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot PieEnter Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie, prepared on a night where I didn't feel like cooking or stopping at a fast food restaurant for junk.

This is comfort food, not fast food junk, check out the details:

  • Tender White Meat Chicken
  • Golden Flaky Crust Made From Scratch
  • Made From Scratch Sauce
  • Carrots & Peas, it wouldn't be a pot pie without!

This isn't the low quality stuff like the Banquet or Swanson brands of pot pies either, those brands skipping out on having a bottom crust and/or don't care to use just all white meat chicken in a pie....  you know, the cut of meat that most folks PREFER in a GOOD pot pie. 

Marie Callender's delivers on quality and flavor!

You get the BIG chunks of tender, all white meat chicken, a perfectly seasoned, creamy sauce and the crust is indeed golden, flaky, delicious, with the pea & carrot veggies nicely balancing everything out.  This is a well-put-together pie, a TRUE pie, with both a bottom AND top crust!

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie diving inI did add some additional touches, brushing on some garlic butter and dusting the pie with Parmesan cheese for the last 10 minutes of baking....

And I don't know about you, but I like to dunk that pinched crust edge into that pie sauce, let it absorb all that creamy sauce goodness....  It's another dose of YUM!  Marie puts plenty of sauce in this pie to do just that.

I picked up a box of eight pies at Costco for $10.99.  That's just over $1.37 per pie and it's a meal, hearty and delicious!  I don't care that Banquet or Swanson is cheaper, averaging about $1 per pie and sometimes cheaper if on sale.  You get what you pay for.  Hands down, Marie Callender's is THE best of the store bought pies!

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie another dose of YUMOh, and oven baked is ALWAYS better than microwaved!  Don't be in a hurry, enjoy the oven baked way of preparing your pie, it SO makes for a better crust which is after all, the essence of a pot pie....  'jus say'n.

I'm giving Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pies 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's the best store bought pot pie out there to be had, most definitely a repeat buy!

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....


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