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Food Review: Finlandia Muenster Cheese

Food Review: Kroger brand Hard Salami

By Mike Thayer

Kroger Hard SalamiI've always got some kind of lunch meat on hand in my fridge, be it oven roasted turkey, black forest ham or classic deli style roast beef.

Lunch meat is a go-to snack for me, such as three slices of some turkey meat, a slice of cheddar cheese all dressed in a bit of mustard for example.  Then there are always those times when you don't feel like or have time to cook, so it's easy to craft an impromptu sandwich with a stash of cold cuts at the ready.

So shopping one day at my local grocer and in the lunch meat section, I was looking for a little change-of-pace, not wanting the regular menu of turkey, ham or roast beef.

Enter Kroger Hard Salami.....

I picked up a 7 ounce package of the salami, a meat I haven't had in quite awhile, visions of salami, mustard & cheese sandwiches piled high started dancing in my head....   Yes, I went shopping hungry.....

Kroger Salami & Finlandia Muenster Cheese
A snack of salami & muenster cheese

Getting back to my apartment and putting away the groceries, I had to sample the salami.  This is GOOD stuff!  The test of a good cold cut is how good it tastes on it's own, no mustard, no cheese, no bread, nothing....  This a VERY GOOD salami!

Costing under $3, I'm giving Kroger Hard Salami 4 out of 5 stars and it's definitely worthy of many repeat buys.  For the money, this is perhaps the best salami I've ever had.  Thanks Kroger!

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....



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