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Predicting NFL Game Outcomes by Mascot - Week 2 of "Mascot" predictions

By Mike Thayer

NFLFootball is my favorite sport. On Saturday's, Sunday's, Monday nights and Thursday nights, you most likely will find me in front of a TV watching games or at the very least paying close attention to game updates on a tablet or cell phone.

Week four of the 2019 NFL season is now in the history books and my Bears, yes, I'm a Bears fan, took care of the Vikings 16-6 on Sunday. 

With the accuracy of "professional" predictions for game outcomes this season being all over the place and not really playing out as hyped after three weeks of play, I said to myself, "What the heck, I'm throwing all football analysis, Vegas odds, so-called guru expertise, scheduling, home/away, injury lists, insider information and commentary, etc., for picking games out the window."

For the rest of the season I decided, I'm picking game winners by what mascot would logically kick the other mascot's butt.  Surely it can't be any worse than the guessing game that is NFL game prognostication.

I went 7-7 in my NFL week four games.   Not a winning record, but at 7-7, actually better than some of those so-called experts we watch on TV.

Here's the Week 5 Schedule and my predictions:

Thursday Night Game,10/03 - - Rams vs. Seahawks:  The herd scurries for cover from the dive bombing Seahawks.

Sunday Games, 10/06:

Jets vs. Eagles:  The Jets never get off the ground, Eagles fly to victory.

Jaguars vs. Panthers:  In a battle of big cats, Jaguars prove superior.

Vikings vs. Giants:  Viking numbers and their weapons are too much for the Giants.

Falcons vs. Texans:  I'll try this for the second week in a row, don't mess with Texas.

Buccaneers vs. Saints:  This is almost a good vs. evil matchup.....  I'm thinking swords and guns outmatch a team working with a quarterback prayer.

Bills vs. Titans:  The herd is squashed before they can stampede.

Cardinals vs. Bengals:  A lame bird vs. a tiger.   So far Cincinnati has been a paper tiger, but perhaps the claws will finally come out for this one.

Patriots vs. Redskins:  Muskets over arrows.

Ravens vs. Steelers:  The Steeler fire is not hot enough to prevent the Ravens from bringing out their inner Alfred Hitchcock.

Bears vs. Raiders (London):  I'm a Bears fan.  da Bears.

Broncos vs. Chargers:  A bucking horse is no match for lightning.

Packers vs. Cowboys:  Packers bring box cutters to a gun fight.

Colts vs. Chiefs:  Chiefs tame the young horses.

Monday Night Football, 10/07 - Browns vs. 49'ers:   Another gold rush is happening in California.

It's going to be another entertaining week of NFL football!   Let's see if I improve on my mascot prediction record of 7-7.  Remember, my record is better than how some of the analyst pros are forecasting outcomes, 'jus say'n. 

Enjoy the games my friends!