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Food Review: Simply Nature Organic Multi Grain Tortilla Chips

By Mike Thayer

Simply Nature Tortilla ChipsIn search of a healthier chip alternative, I recently did a review on a "cauliflower" chip.  While the chips I sampled were indeed tasty, they really weren't any more or less healthy than any other kind of chip.

So with that quest for a healthier chip in mind, today I'm sampling the Organic Multi Grain Tortilla Chips made by Simply Nature.

Certified organic and non-GMO (if you care about such things) the chips are quite tasty and they hold up well to dipping in salsa. I tasted them by themselves, with salsa, I used them to make nachos. They do well in any classic tortilla chip preparation.

But are these chips really any healthier than any other?

Here's the ingredient list:  Organic yellow corn, organic white corn, organic sunflower oil, organic brown flaxseed, organic brown rice flour, salt, organic sunflower seeds, organic sugar, organic sesame seeds.

All the ingredients are organic, which is a huge plus for a lot of folks and the list sounds healthy, right?  We're talking flaxseed, brown rice as opposed to white which is much more highly processed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, all those seeds are supposed to be good for you....

But in what matters most to me from a dietary standpoint, a serving of these chips actually have more carbs than many traditional chips at 18 grams. Classic Lays potato chips come in at 15 grams, Fritos have 16 grams and Doritos also have 16 grams of carbs.  And while the Simply Nature product does rate well in the sodium metric, 115 grams vs. an average of 180 grams in traditional chips, all other metrics such as fat, sugar and dietary fiber are only marginally better or are in the same amount as regular chips.

Tortilla ChipsSo after evaluating just two brands of supposedly healthier chips, the reality is there's probably no such thing.  We're still talking a very highly processed food and there is no dramatic difference in the nutritional metrics, not enough to change your body in any way, as in, you can't swap out Doritos for some organic 'healthy' chip and expect to lose weight or prevent some health condition.  Like any other 'sinful' food, chips should be eaten in moderation, THAT is the key.   It doesn't matter if you're eating Lays potato chips or Simply Nature, enjoy the occasional serving, but eating too many or too often is a bad thing, no matter the brand or marketing hype.

Costing me just $1.89 at Aldi, I'm giving Simply Nature Organic Multi Grain Tortilla Chips 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  They are tasty and the price is right.  The only knock I have against them is the marketing hype.  So despite the implied healthier hype, these are a nice tortilla chip alternative and are worthy of a repeat buy.

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....



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The package itself is pretty big, but you open it and see the actual content is less than half of it. Marketing trick is to visually fool a customer.

Mike T.

C'mon Tj, that's old school thinking! Chips are sold by weight, not volume and that packaging process actually helps protect the chips during shipping, reducing chip breakage, providing the consumer a better product. It's an industry practice and not exclusive to the Simply Nature brand.

Johnnie Sorrell

What happened to these chips. They were the best. Light and crisp. I thought maybe just a bad bag, so I set it aside and opened another. Same thing - hard heavy chips.

Is this just a bad crop or have they changed the recipe?

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