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McDonald's Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich is a poor choice of weapon in Chicken Sandwich war

By Mike Thayer

There's a chicken sandwich war going on in fast food.

Shots fired!  Chick-fil-A made headlines earlier this year becoming the third largest fast food chain.  Popeyes reacted by putting a new chicken sandwich on the menu and consumers went crazy over it, so crazy in fact, Popeyes ran out of ammo. Already armed with a spicy chicken sandwich, Wendy's entered the battlefield by bringing back their spicy chicken nuggets, fans of the item went in a Twitter frenzy.  Showing up late to this war is McDonald's with a 'new' Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders.

McDonald's Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Typical fast food 'assembly' of a sandwich

Today, I'm reviewing the chicken sandwich:

Here's the description from the McDonald's website:  Our Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich is full of flavor that makes you go “woo!” It's a crispy buttermilk chicken fillet made with juicy all white meat chicken and served with slivered onions, pickles and a mouthwatering, smoky barbecue sauce, all on a sesame seed bun.

A sandwich that makes you go, "Woo!" huh?

OK McDonald's, "Woo!, it's not very good!"

McDonald's has armed themselves with a pea-shooter.

McDonald's Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich unveilIn taking that first bite, this sandwich is quite, "eh".....  The fillet isn't all that crispy, the barbecue sauce is quite average and not all that smoky or spicy and while there were plenty of slivered onions which I truly appreciated, there weren't near enough pickles on this sandwich.  Pickles are a perfect flavor combination with crispy chicken, they deliver that nice tartness that goes so well with a juicy, but crunchy chicken bite.  Pickles are also a great marriage with barbecue sauce.  I got like three pickles on my sandwich.  This sandwich won't win the chicken sandwich war for McDonald's.  Given how very average this sandwich is, I'm not sure I'll even try their Spicy BBQ Glazed Chicken Tenders.    There's no "Woo!" in what McDonald's put together here.

Costing me $4.50, the McDonald's Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich gets just 2 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  The price is reasonable but the sandwich is unremarkable and is NOT a repeat buy.

2 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....





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