Best Pizza in the Wichita Metro Challenge Update: Bob & Luigi's Pizza - Bel Aire
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Pizza Review: Bob & Luigi's Pizza - Bel Aire

By Mike Thayer

Pizza for lunch!

Touted as the area's best kept secret and in the mood for pizza, I decided to head to Bob & Luigi's Pizza in Bel Aire today to satisfy my craving.  I've never had a pizza from this joint, so I was looking forward to seeing if this place lived up to the hype. 

Located on 45th & Woodlawn, Bob & Luigi's is a classic, family style pizza parlor with an open, casual atmosphere.    I arrived at about 11:40am so it was a bit early to get that pizza parlor whiff when you first walk in the door - who doesn't love that smell, right? - but the place was looking clean, comfortable and seeing smiles on employee faces, well, this looked like my kind of place.  There was a customer ahead of me placing his order, which gave me time to consider just what kind of pizza I was in the mood for.

I went with one of their specialty pizzas The Luigi, which is topped with beef, sausage, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, black olive, mushroom, bell pepper and onion.  I paid for my carry out pizza and a soda, then found a seat and started reviewing the menu in greater detail to pass the time.   In addition to pizza, Bob & Luigi's has pasta, sandwiches, appetizers and calzones, to include dessert calzones which sound FABULOUS!  I SO have to get one next time I visit.....   Yes, that's an indicator of how good the pizza is.....

A member of the staff delivered my carry out pizza to my table in about 20 minutes, the pie piping hot and smelling fantastic!  The drive home was a struggle!  I SO wanted to grab a slice and truly eat "to go"....  But I resisted.  I had to roll down the windows to dispel that fantastic aroma and reduce temptation.

Pizza bob and luigisJust look at that beautiful pizza, it's baked to perfection, golden, brown, delicious and is that a more than generous portion of cheese or what?  I can see why The Luigi is such a popular pie.  LOADED with toppings the pie is a good balance of meat, veggies and cheese bedded on an airy crust.  You get the subtle spice of the pepperoni and sausage, the tender-crisp crunch of the onion and pepper and OH that gooey goodness of the melted mozzarella cheese tied everything together.   If there's anything to knock on this pizza though, is it was bit under-sauced.  I didn't get the zesty tomato marriage with those great toppings I was looking for.  There wasn't enough sauce and the sauce itself was missing some garlic and oregano notes.

Having three slices for lunch, I've got plenty leftover for dinner and yes, in classic bachelor fashion, I'll be having pizza for breakfast too.  This was a very satisfying pizza and worth the trip to Bel Aire, even from south Wichita.

The large pie and drink costing me about $21, Bob & Luigi's Pizza gets 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's good pizza, reasonably priced and worthy of a repeat buy. 

Pizza toppings4 stars

Bob & Luigi's Pizza

4559 N Woodlawn St
Bel Aire, Kansas 67220
PH: 316-744-9510

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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