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Pizza Challenge Update: Who has the best pizza in the Wichita Metro area? Is it Pizza John's in Derby?

Pizza Challenge Update: Who has the best pizza in Wichita? Is it Picasso's?

By Mike Thayer

Pizza is my favorite food.  Burgers, steaks, lasagna, anything grilled and an assortment of other dishes are high on the list of favorites, but there's nothing quite like a good slice of pizza pie....  That slice of pie has that perfectly baked crust that's flaky/crispy on the outside, but tender and fluffy on the inside.  Then there's the marriage of toppings, the subtle spices of pepperoni and sausage, assorted veggies that are tender-crisp like onion and bell pepper.  The sauce, it's got to be a zesty sauce, providing those notes of garlic and oregano with each bite.  And bringing everything together is a generous portion of melted cheeses, mozzarella, Parmesan, perhaps some cheddar or provolone that bubbles up in the oven to golden, brown, deliciousness!

No national chains will be included in this challenge.  Only the local, regional pizza joints qualify.  Besides, Domino's sucks, Little Caesar's really sucks and Papa John's and Pizza Hut are average tasting pizzas at best.  The fact is, the local/regional joints run circles around the national chains in dishing up high quality, great tasting pizza.

During the course of this challenge I'll consider customer service, time to order, price, appearance and of course, the most important thing, TASTE.

Today's taste test:  Picasso's

Picasso's PizzaThis particular review is going to be a bit different.  Normally, I order a large supreme style of pizza - meat and veggie toppings.  But here's the thing with Picasso's, they specialize in HUGE slices of pizza, not the traditional small, medium or large pizza size offerings.  Sure, you can order a GINORMOUS pie, 26" of pizza goodness, but those cost $54.95 and I don't care how good the pizza is, when eating for one, I'm NOT shelling out $50+ for a pizza.  So the slice option is what I went with for this review.  

Read the full review at www.metropursuit.com


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