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Food Review: Kirkland Signature Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato Chips

By Mike Thayer

Kettle ChipsChips, perhaps America's favorite snack food....  Walk into just about any grocery store and they have an isle dedicated to them, classic potato chips, flavored chips, wavy chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, other kinds of veggie chips and more.

Today, I'm sampling some kettle chips, the Kirkland Signature Kettle brand, a krinkle cut style with Himalayan salt.

If you don't know what the difference is between a classic chip and a kettle chip (besides appearance, texture and taste), classic, a.k.a. 'regular' chips are made on a conveyor belt through a process called continuous fry. In this method, potatoes move through hot oil on a conveyor belt.  The result is a thinner, more uniform looking chip.  Kettle chips are prepared with a process called batch cooking.  Potatoes are literally dumped into an oil-filled kettle and stirred until done, resulting in thicker, not-so-uniform, sometimes folded over, chip.  Kettle chips provide a more robust crunch than 'regular' chips.

Onto the tasting....

Kettle Chips 2These Kettle chips provide a good kettle chip crunch without being too greasy.  The krinkle cut style handles dip well (I did a classic sour cream and onion) without breakage.  I chose this particular bag of chips because I hadn't sampled a pink salt variety yet and I have to say that these chips come off as being a bit bland, even for a regular chip (no flavors added).  The pink salt doesn't seem to carry the same salty flavor burst as traditionally salted chips.  They were a bit on the boring side and that chip dip was needed.

The two pound bag of chips cost me $4.89 at Costco.  I'm giving the Kirkland Signature Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Himalayan Salt chips 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  You get the kettle crunch, they're good for dipping, but on their own they're bland.  These chips are NOT a repeat buy.

3 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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William Shaw

I think you are totally wrong. These are the best chips in the world, bar none. They have great crunch and great solid potato taste with some salt and oil thrown in. As you said, they hold up to any dip and still give you that great crunch even after sitting around in a dish at a party for a long time.
For me this is definitely a repeat buy and the price is excellent. You can't buy chips this good for this price any where else.

Mike T.

Thanks for reading!


I’m with William on this one. The chips are definitely a repeat buy 👍 The author got it all wrong .

Mike T.

Thanks for reading William! I'd rather have the Kettle Krinkle Cut Sea Salt chips, now THOSE are a repeat buy!

joe canoe

RE: Kirkland Signature Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato Chips

These are fantastic crunch and taste !! It's definitely a REPEAT BUY. And at $6.29 CAD for 907 gram bag, it's a deal at the 1/2 the price per unit compared to other retail grocery stores.


I agree with the writer. I liked the sea salt kettle chips costco used to sell. They switched to himalayan salt and the chips became very bland. My guess is that himalayan salt is cheaper.

Andrew Guajardo

Himalayan salt is healthier than ordinary salt, and more expensive.

Artom Zabihi

I love these chips a lot because they make my tummy feel EXTREMELY full.


These chips are great! Plus they last a surprisingly long time even if you don't store them correctly.

The only downside to these chips is if you eat this with a really salty dip (street corn dip) its way too salty. These chips work better by themselves or with something that has low sodium.

Rob Wolfe

All the comments I would agree are positive regarding the good flavour. I would have no choice but agree both the flavour and the cut are great for holding dip . Has anyone noticed the size of the chips themselves or the majority of them are only slightly bigger than a cornflake? Is this me or have I just opened a poorly filled random bag?


this is by far the best chips i ever had. minimal processed, no color added. Unlike others chips, doritos etc. I buy the 2lbs at costco and last me a while, and stay fresh as long you closed up tightly. Very tasty and crunchy all the time.

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