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Food Review: Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cake Minis

20190528_161206By Mike Thayer

Shopping at Costco and looking for something a little different to snack on, I happened upon some Crab Cake Minis, made by Phillips Foods.  I'm into crab cakes and these looked like the change of pace snack/appetizer I could get into so I picked up a box.

Here's the product description:  Made with Phillips' famous seafood restaurant recipe, our mini crab cakes contain sweet crab meat blended with a traditional mayonnaise-based sauce and seasoned with breadcrumbs, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.

Sounds tasty right?

Prepared in the oven per the box instructions, these crab cakes were rather disappointing.  They're mostly bread, there's little crab to speak of and overall the cakes come up really short on flavor, they're underseasoned.  There is no YUM factor in these cakes. What made them palatable was the dipping sauce and the squeeze of lemon.  They are so lackluster, after preparing some for the tasting and being disappointed, I threw the rest of the box away.  Bread with a squeeze of lemon and dipped in some doctored up mayo is not my idea of a satisfying snack.  Hey Phillips, put some crab in those cakes!

20190528_171441-1I really wanted the cakes to be tasty and worthy of a repeat buy, but they just aren't.  Costing me about $10 for a box of 36 mini cakes, don't waste your money on these.  They get 2 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.

2 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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M. Simmons

My friends and family have enjoyed the mini crab cakes so much, we get a special request to please bring them for the party.


I purchased this food item from Giant located at 10653 Braddock Road Fairfax, Va 22032. I found plastic fragments in my food. I ate small pieces thinking that they were shells until I got to a piece that I could not consume. I have photos of these fragments. I did purchase two boxes and will not be opening the other box. This item was purchased on 10/07/2019


Mike so right! This year Costco members can enjoy the privilege of paying 50% more or $15 after the $5 OFF Phillips crap-cake scam. These tasteless mini grease balloons have soybean oil listed as the second ingredient. They are so loaded with oil that they fall apart when lifted off the pan.


I wish I had read this before putting them in my Instacart from Costco! I agree with every word of the review with the exception of the $10 price tag. I paid $12.40. They were so awful that even my dog refused to eat one.

s. rajfer

as we are from Maryland and love crab cakes we tried the Phillips minis (bought at Costco) and were thrilled with the taste. we bought the box of 36 and use about six each with a salad as a dinner entree. crab meat is expensive and the price seemed quite reasonable compared to buying crab cakes in restaurants in Maryland which we try to do several times a year. i think it’s important not to overcook the cakes, one picture that i saw showed them appearing to be quite browned and i wonder if that could be why they weren’t as tasty.

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