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Food Review: Lime flavored tortilla chips suck

By Mike Thayer

Craving some nachos one night, I stopped at my neighborhood grocery store to pick up some chips and cheese to make one of my all time favorite snacks.

20190414_180000By accident, I picked up a bag of "Lime" flavored tortilla chips.......   Mistake!

Always looking to save a buck or two, I usually buy store brand stuff, in this case Kroger, and they make quality food products.  Don't get me wrong, the quality of these chips were there, they were crispy, good sized chips with minimal breakage in the bag.....  It's just that flavor of lime in the chip, YUCK!

Lime flavored chips and nacho cheese do NOT go together, it's a TERRIBLE combination.  So after eating a few "lime" flavored nachos and hating it.  I broke out the salsa.....  The lime flavored chips were OK with the salsa, it was an improvement over the nacho cheese combo.   But still not satisfied with that, I broke out the knife, sliced open an avocado and whipped up a quick guacamole.

Tortilla Chips
Specs of "lime" flavoring

This was best flavor combo using the lime chips - with guacamole - and in my humble opinion the ONLY way to have lime chips IF you have to eat them.  I'd much rather have plain tortilla chips.  I really didn't even care for the chips without any pairing either, just eating the chips by themselves was unappealing, that lime flavor is just so artificial and "off" putting.

I paid around $2.50 for the bag of Kroger Tortilla Chips with a "Kick of Lime" and they are NOT a repeat buy.  They absolutely suck paired with cheese, they're "eh" paired with salsa and they're just OK with guacamole.  I'll look more closely at the bag to make sure it's simply a plain bag of tortilla chips I'm grabbing next time, because these lime flavored chips get just 1 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.   Lime flavored tortilla chips SUCK!

1 star



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