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By Mike Thayer

I look forward to having breakfast every morning, but I'm not talking about a simple bowl of cold cereal or sugar loaded donuts.  Bagels and cream cheese?  Nope.  I like to enjoy a hot breakfast, nothing elaborate mind you, nothing too heavy either...  A simple breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee is quite satisfying thank you, a nice start to the day.

20190209_074636-1I'm a sucker for a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, wrap or croissant of some sort, but I'm open to other options and a little variety.  So when grocery shopping one day and in the freezer section of breakfast foods I happened upon a new product offered by Jimmy Dean.  They're called "Delights Egg'Wich"  The breadless breakfast.  The description on the box:  Ham, Bell Peppers, Mushroom, Bacon and Onion Egg Frittatas with Turkey Sausage and Cheese.

Being marketed to address the trendy Keto Diet I'm sure, these things aren't bad, as in, not bad at all, quite tasty in fact.  I thought the frittatas might come off as stiff or cardboard tasting, but they're not and you get all the notes of ham, bell peppers, mushroom and bacon.  The slice of American cheese is a nice compliment and the key to the whole thing - the turkey sausage - it's good, seasoned nicely, you almost don't notice it's not pork sausage.  We are talking Jimmie Dean after all, they know how to make sausage. 

20190209_075049-1A bit pricey at $5.97 for a box of four frittattas, that's about $1.50 per sandwich, this egg frittatas product is a repeat buy.  In contrast, Jimmie Dean's sausage, egg and cheese croissant runs about $1 a sandwich (and in my book is a 5 star breakfast sandwich).  The frittatas provides a nice change of pace from the normal breakfast fare and delivers that hot breakfast satisfaction.  I give this new offering from Jimmie Dean 4 out of 5 stars.  It's a healthier breakfast option and doesn't sacrifice on the flavor.

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....


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carole paulis

I found the turkey sausage tough, Other wise a tasty breakfast.

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