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Coffee Challenge: A review of Folger's Hazelnut

By Mike Thayer

Like so many working stiffs, I've GOT to have my coffee in the morning to get jump started. Traditionally, I'm a Folgers Classic Roast kind of guy and I doctor my coffee with some hazelnut flavored creamer.  No, I'm NOT a coffee snob.  I don't do the whole beans and a coffee grinder thing, screw that, buying ground coffee works just fine for me.

But in trying to eliminate some sugars from my diet, I've dropped the flavored creamer from my morning routine, switching to real, heavy cream. The various flavored brands of coffee creamer range 5-10 grams of sugar per serving, heavy cream weighs in at 0.1 grams.  But in making that change, my coffee was far less enjoyable. I missed the hazelnut!

So during my next visit to the grocery store, I picked up some hazelnut coffee.  On that trip, I picked up a bag of Dunkin' Donuts hazelnut and you can read that review here.  The Dunkin' was a bit of a disappointment, it left me wondering if there wasn't something better out there in a hazelnut grind.  Hence, this coffee challenge.

20190221_074742Today, I'm reviewing Folger's version of a hazelnut grind.

Here's the description of the coffee from the container:  Flavorful and smooth, with a distinctive blend of hazelnut flavor.

Folger's packages their coffee in a canister, rather than a bag.  I like that, it's easier to get into and close back up and you can reuse the container.  I actually like to buy a big canister of coffee (30.5 ounces) which I keep in the pantry, but I keep a smaller canister (11.5 ounces) on the counter, with my trusty coffee scoop tucked inside by the coffee pot, at the ready.  I refill it from the bigger canister as needed.

With Folger's Classic Roast being my traditional go-to coffee, I expected the same reliability in flavor from the hazelnut version. It didn't disappoint.  The hazelnut is obvious, present in both the aroma and flavor.  The grind makes a good cup of coffee.  The directions call for one tablespoon of coffee for every six ounces of water and that's one thing I've always liked about Folger's, they're not bashful with their grind, a scoop is robust and doesn't brew up weak like Dunkin' Donuts hazelnut did.  I like the Folgers Hazelnut, but unlike Seattle's Best, the Folger's doesn't quite deliver a taste that's on par to how I used to enjoy my coffee (a classic, regular roast with hazelnut flavored creamer), I had to add a 1/2 packet of Stevia to sweeten things up a bit. 

The 11.5 ounce canister of coffee cost me $5.99 which puts it smack dab in the middle in pricing for the coffees I've sampled so far.  Folger's Hazelnut gets 4 out of 5 stars, it's a repeat buy, but in a Plan 'B' kind of way. 

4 stars

Stay tuned for more sampling of hazelnut coffees from the various brands available as part of the Bachelor on the Cheap Coffee Challenge!

$pend Wisely My Friends.....


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