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Get a Toll Pass

By Mike Thayer

Toll RoadsSo you're cruising down the Interstate needing to go somewhere 200 miles away, you're making good time when your progress gets slowed by a stop at a toll booth....  UGH!  Having to stop is a bit of a pain, sometimes there's a line of cars and trucks, more pain....  Stop to get the paper ticket when going on the toll road, stop to take cash out of the wallet to hand over to the attendant when getting off the toll road.....  And then there are the times when you arrive at an automated toll booth, you unknowingly got in the "Exact Change" lane and don't have exact change....   Ooops!  Or then there's the credit card payment processor isn't working in the lane you're in or the person ahead of you doesn't know how to use it right.....  More UGH moments.

Whether you travel on toll roads a lot or just once in awhile, get a toll pass, it's worth it.


  • Most tollway tag enrollment plans are free, there's no account or setup fee.
  • There's no stopping to get that paper ticket, no stopping to pay, just drive right on through.
  • You actually pay less in tolls.  Most tollway/turnpike pass programs offer a discounted toll rate for people that have passes. 
  • Most tollway/turnpike pass programs give you the flexibility of having the toll automatically deducted from your bank account or the option to receive a monthly statement.

Save yourself both time and money by getting a toll pass. 

$pend Wisely My Friends.....


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