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Food Review: Red Baron Deep Dish Singles Meat-Trio Pizza

By Mike Thayer

20181223_175631-1Pizza, it's at or near the top of just about anybody's list of favorite foods.  I'm a thin crust pizza kind of guy, but today I'm checking out Red Baron's personal size pizza, which is a deep dish style.  The toppings, a meat-trio of sausage, pepperoni and ham sounded good and for the price - $1 each at Dollar Tree - I picked a few up.

I recently did a review of frozen pizzas, to include Red Baron and in full disclosure their version of a thin crust pizza didn't crack the top five of pizza brands reviewed, but, this is a different style of pizza.

So enough of the background already you're thinking....   "How was the pizza?" You ask.

For $1, you can't go wrong, it's a repeat buy.  The meat to crust ratio was good, I suspected going in the personal size pizza would be all crust and skimpy on the toppings, but not so.  The pepperoni, not authentic pepperoni...  Red Baron uses pepperoni using beef, pork and chicken (chicken?), but that's not unexpected in a pizza this cheap and the flavor you expect from a decent pepperoni is there.  The sausage is also made with chicken, combined with pork, but it's seasoned nicely enough.  The ham is actually ham!  The cheese contains real cheese and the sauce is actually pretty decent.  You can taste the onion, garlic and other spices.  

20181223_182734-1Red Baron is a go-to brand for a lot of folks, second only to DiGiorno in sales.   Their Deep Dish Singles Meat-Trio Pizza is something you should consider having on-hand in your freezer, especially for the price at just $1 each at Dollar Tree.  The price is right for a cheap, convenient meal or snack.  Don't waste your time on microwaving it though, it's SO much better prepared in the oven per the package instructions.

I've got a bachelor's passion for freedom.

$pend wisely my friends....


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