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Service Review: CarStar Collision

By Mike Thayer

20181130_092826So while inside my neighborhood grocery store one day picking up a few items for the day's evening meal, somebody hit my parked truck.

As I'm walking outside with grocery bags in hand, I notice a strange man standing by my truck, talking on his cell phone. 

He sees me approach and asks, "Is this your truck?"

And then I see it, my front bumper dented in and pushed downward, a broken front grill and the hood slightly dented and out of alignment.

Obviously, I wasn't happy and did not understand how somebody could hit a parked truck.  But at least the guy stuck around and owned up to hitting 'ol Nellie.  He hit the gas instead of the brake, he did quite a bit of damage to the nearby cart corral too.  He was a super nice guy, he hit my parked truck, but a nice guy.....

We exchanged insurance information and in working with his insurance provider and reading some online reviews, I decided to get my truck repaired at CarStar Collision.

What a great decision!

From the time I dropped off my truck to pickup, everybody at CarStar Collision was super friendly, informative and exercised great care in getting my truck repaired in a timely fashion and done right.   

20181222_100808-1My truck is a 1992 Ford F-150, an older truck, so parts aren't easy to come by.  CarStar Collision went over the repair process with me in detail, letting me know that if the search for original parts didn't produce quality replacements, then they would search for aftermarket parts.  Their communication is fantastic, frequently providing me with updates on my truck.  I was very impressed, quality meant everything to them in getting this job done and done right, even on an older vehicle that, well, isn't as purdy as she used to be back in the day.

The results speak volumes on the quality work that CarStar Collision does, see for yourself! 

CarStar Collision gets five out of five Bachelor on the Cheap stars for their TOP NOTCH customer service and excellent repair work.  Thank you!

5 stars

Located at 606 N. Webb Road in Wichita, I highly recommend them should you need the services of a body shop.

(316) 652-7821

606 N Webb Rd,

Wichita, KS 67206




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