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Easy Peasy way to keep the top of your refrigerator clean and BONUS - looking nice

By Mike Thayer

The top of the refrigerator.... 

That space is used for SO many things, unless of course, you've got cabinets covering the whole top.

Some people put boxes of cereal on top of the fridge.  Other folks store boxes of whatever kitchen related stuff they bought but don't have space for it in a cabinet or closet.  Some people put common everyday cups or dishes on top, I fit in this category, it's where I keep my burger/sandwich baskets. 

20181129_101310Here's the thing.  The top of the refrigerator tends to collect a lot of dust, and yuck, grease if you enjoy a lot of fried food.  The top of the fridge can get kind of nasty but it's also not something you think about cleaning often, like wiping down a counter-top because you use it to prep meals, pack a lunch or break out the storage containers to put leftovers away, everyday.  The top of the refrigerator is a second thought, out-of-the-way, high up....  Sure, you might grab that box of cereal from the top of the fridge often enough, but you don't think about cleaning it like you would a counter or a stove top that gets everyday use.

Enter, the runner.

Putting a decorative table runner for example on the top of your fridge helps to keep it clean, reducing the amount of dust and yuck, layer of fried food grease buildup that can accumulate over time.  A runner, or a curtain valance in my case, greatly reduces the refrigerator surface area where dust and grease buildup can accumulate. All you have to do every once in awhile is toss that runner in the laundry and wipe down a much smaller surface area that the runner didn't cover, making for much easier cleaning and maintenance.  And the bonus is you can make it a no-brainer decorative thing, matching the theme of your kitchen and/or paint color with a simple piece of cloth.   I've got a sunflower, yellows and greens color scheme working in my kitchen, so I just picked up an extra valance for the top of my fridge to match my kitchen window curtains.  For less than $10, you can keep the top of your fridge clean and decorate at the same time!

$pend Wisely My Friends.....


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