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I submitted a snack concept idea to Totino's today

By Mike Thayer

Pizza Roll Nachos
Pizza Roll Nachos, invented by Mike Thayer

I love pizza rolls!  But I love the way I kick things up a notch with what I call, "Pizza Roll Nachos" even more.

Back in August, I came up with the idea of doctoring up some Pepperoni Pizza Rolls.  It was a fantastic snack and I was rather pleased with how my idea turned out.

Pizza Rolls kicked up a notch - It's the new 'Nachos' - Pizza Roll Nachos

I've had that snack quite a few times since that day in August, adding a twist here and there, different toppings, different cheeses to mix things up.   In doing that, it hit me, "A pizza roll company should make kits for this!

And so today, I sent my idea off to Totino's, a.k.a., General Mills.  It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.


PROPOSED: Develop and market "Pizza Roll Nachos" I frequently have such a snack, using your fantastic pizza rolls as a base. Baking your pizza rolls per the box directions, I then layer the rolls out on a plate, much like you would tortilla chips to make nachos. I then top those pizza rolls with pizza sauce, perhaps some additional pepperoni if I have it and of course, shredded mozzarella cheese. I then let that plate of "Pizza Roll Nachos" sit for a couple minutes, 1. Per your box directions, the rolls are too hot to pop in your mouth right away and, 2., The heat from the rolls helps to warm up the added sauce and cheese. Your company should package/box (think Lunchables) 12 or so pizza rolls, along with a plastic package/squeezable sleeve of pizza sauce and a plastic package of shredded mozzarella cheese. There's your base "Pizza Roll Nacho" Kit product. If it's a hit, then you can venture into more flavors, adding a packet of pepperoni for a "Pepperoni Pizza Roll Nacho" Kit. Add a packet of sliced black olive, a packet of Parmesan, heck, a packet of dried oregano, any pizza topping product you can imagine that is shelf stable that you can put in a sleeve of plastic and would thaw out enough to work with by the time the pizza rolls are done and out of the oven. Later, you could even expand on flavors beyond pizza.  Please contact me for additional concept information. (my contact information)....


Wish me luck!

Spend Wisely My Friends.....


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