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Drink Review: Revel Stoke Vanilla Whiskey

By Mike Thayer

Regular readers know that I have become a big fan of the Revel Stoke lineup of Whiskeys.

I first tried Revel Stoke at The Monarch in Wichita (5 star service!), a top-notch whiskey bar.

Revel Stoke Spiced is what I sampled in a visit to The Monarch and it is a whiskey that is super smooooooooth, and with the enjoyment of the spiced, I HAD to try the other whiskeys Revel Stoke has to offer.

I love the Spiced, really enjoyed the Pecan, liked the Roasted Apple, the Roasted Pineapple was very good, now it's time for....  Vanilla!

Revel Stoke Smoked Vanilla Whiskey
Revel Stoke Smoked Vanilla Whiskey

Flavored Whiskeys are really the trend right now and I've enjoyed every Revel Stoke Whiskey tried so far.  Vanilla is an appealing pairing because it's strongly aromatic but yet has a warm and gentle flavor that simply compliments whatever it's paired with and that's what Revel Stoke has done expertly here with their Smoked Vanilla Whiskey.   Enjoying the whiskey on the rocks, which is the aficionado thing to do, the vanilla notes are unmistakably present but subtle at the same time, actually enhancing the flavor of the whiskey.  It finishes nice with a slight hint of smoke.  This is a very good whiskey and most definitely deserves a spot in your liquor cabinet.  

Costing about $16 for a 750ml bottle, Revel Stoke Smoked Vanilla Whiskey gets four out of five Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  I can't give it a five, because if given the choice, I'd still rather drink the spiced.

4 stars

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