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Does Gambino's have the best pizza around?

By Mike Thayer

Signature dishes, it's food that embodies a region, it's a celebration of iconic cultural flavors, where natives and tourists alike embrace that bowl, that plate, that sandwich, that finger food and say, "You HAVE to try this!".... 

Examples of iconic signature dishes includes the Rueben sandwich in New York; crab cakes in Baltimore; The Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia; Fried Chicken in Atlanta; Deep dish pizza in Chicago; Bratwurst in Milwaukee; Gumbo in New Orleans and Cedar plank Salmon in Seattle.

So with all that iconic food in mind, does Wichita have a signature dish, or is the Mid-Continent City a melting pot of foods and flavors?

Having fun and inspired by this Signature Dish Challenge, I decided to visit Gambino's Pizza......  But is pizza worthy of Wichita's Signature Dish status?

Gambino's Mobster Pizza
Gambino's Mobster Pizza

I really like Gambino's, it's my go-to place for pizza and in my humble opinion their pizza is WAY better than anything Pizza Hut, Papa John's or Domino's cranks out.  I got my first taste of Gambino's back in February and I've been hooked ever since.

On this occasion, I ordered the Mobster, a specialty pizza and one of Gambino's most popular.  The Mobster features toppings of Beef, Pork Sausage, Mushroom, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Green Pepper, Onion, Black Olive, Canadian Style Bacon, Salami, and Extra Cheese.  It's an outstanding combination of meats, veggies and melty cheese.....  I placed my order online for a large on original crust.  The confirmation stated the pizza would be ready in 20 minutes and indeed it was, it was ready for me when I walked in the door, right on time!  My order only cost me just $11.02 and it was DELICIOUS!  Every bite was jam packed with flavor and the pie was baked to perfection.  The Gambino's Mobster would be a fine representative of Wichita's Signature Dish and gets five out of five stars!  The service, impeccable timing, the quality of the ingredients and most importantly, the flavors of the Mobster made for an excellent pizza experience!

5 stars

The Gambino's visited is located at:  1520 S. Webb Rd., Unit 120, Wichita

But my search has only just begun....  I'll be visiting a large variety of restaurants and sampling all types of food, getting input from patrons and restaurant gurus alike, trying to get a feel for what Wichita's Signature Dish might be.....  Oh, and national chain restaurants will NOT be a part of this challenge, I'm keeping it as local as possible, a true evaluation in finding what might be Wichita's Signature Dish.   

Stay tuned!

What a challenge huh?  I am SO looking forward to the rest of this challenge!

What do you think might be Wichita's signature dish?  Comment below.

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