In search of Wichita's Signature Dish - How well does Dog-N-Shake represent burgers for the Air Capital? - Metro Pursuit
In search of Wichita's Signature Dish - Does Knolla's Pizza offer the best in the Air Capital? - Metro Pursuit

Chicken Fried Steak - Metro Pursuit

Having fun and inspired by this Signature Dish Challenge, I decided to enjoy the offerings of Fat Ernie's Family Dining, known for its Chicken Fried Steak!

Chicken Fried Steak

It's a classic comfort food dish, a classic Diner dish, it's one of my all time favorite dinners.  Chicken Fried Steak, smothered in a creamy country gravy with mashed potatoes and some fried okra on the side....  It's another dose of YUM!

Typically made with a cheaper, tougher cut of meat like round steak or cube steak, the meat is tenderized, seasoned, breaded and fried to perfection. 

Pulling into Fat Ernie's located on South Hydraulic for lunch on a Friday, there were just a couple open spaces in the parking lot.  The restaurant was about 3/4 full when I walked in and found an open seat at the counter. 



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