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Rude People Suck

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Manners Cost NothingWhat is WRONG with some people?

So I'm doing the self check-out thing at the grocery store, ready to pay, put in some cash and the machine won't take any bills.... I ask the attendant for some assistance... While she's helping me out, a lady customer from across the self check-out isle rudely and with absurd attitude interrupts my interaction with the attendant to loudly ask why the terminal she was at wouldn't disperse any cash (perhaps she should have read the screen first, which said, "Card only, no cash disbursements at this terminal," before pulling up to it)...

The attendant politely responded, "Sorry ma'am, that terminal is card only, I can assist you in a minute or you can wait for another terminal to open up or go through regular check out and they can process some cash back for you."

The rude lady, who hadn't started ringing up her groceries yet and who obviously wasn't patient enough to wait for a machine that would disperse cash back, walked over to my terminal area and responded to the attendant with, "Excuse me?! What is your name? You don't get to dismiss me like that! What is your supervisor's name?"

The attendant remained cool, gave her the supervisor's name and even pointed the supervisor out to the rude customer, then repeated, "Like I said, I can be with you in a minute...."

The rude customer interrupted, starting in with the "Oh no, you don't...."

And so I had to jump in, I just had to, at risk of further escalating the incident.....

"Ma'am, Courtney is with another customer right now, you're being rude and I don't appreciate the distraction."

The rude lady responded with the repetitive, "You don't get talk to me like that either, yada, yada, yada....." but walked away with her cart, continuing to ramble on....

What is WRONG with some people? 


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