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Drink Review: Revel Stoke Pecan Whiskey

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

At a recent gathering of friends and co-workers at a local whiskey bar, I ordered a Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey on the rocks to enjoy while waiting for other members of my group to arrive. This is the whole point of a whiskey bar after all, to enjoy some whiskey you've never had before.  The Revel Stoke Spiced was fantastic! It's a winner of the Spirits International Prestige Award and features hints of vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom. It was smooth and all those flavor notes made for a very nice finish.

Revel Stoke Pecan Whiskey
Roasted Pecan & Praline, NICE!

So with that very enjoyable tasting in mind, on my next trip to the liquor store, I hoped to pick up a bottle of Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey.  My hopes were dashed however, as my regular liquor store stop didn't have any Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey in stock, but they did have Pecan, Pineapple and Cinnamon on the shelf.  I went with the Pecan.

Wow what a whiskey!  Revel Stoke Pecan Whisky hits you with the essence of roasted pecan immediately, as soon as you screw off the cap. Enjoying this unique whiskey on the rocks, it goes down smooth and those roasted pecan notes linger warmly and finish nicely with a sweet hint of praline.  I would call this a dessert whiskey, something to really enjoy after a fine meal.  This is a whiskey you hold in reserve, for special occasions or when that sweet tooth gets the better of you.

Revel Stoke has a fine lineup of whiskey, I'll be trying the pineapple next!

Costing about $15 for a 750ml bottle, Revel Stoke Pecan Whiskey gets 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars (the Spiced by the way, rates a 5!)

4 stars

Spend Wisely My Friends.....



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