Pizza Challenge: Who makes the best bargain brand (a.k.a., cheap) frozen pizza? Day 10 - How good is Tony's?
Frozen Pizza Brands, listed here from worst to best

Pizza Challenge: Who makes the best bargain brand (a.k.a., cheap) frozen pizza? Day 11 - How good is Great Value (Walmart)?

By Mike Thayer

Pizza - Perhaps the greatest food invention ever and I don't know about you, but I don't know anybody that does NOT like pizza.....

So who makes the best of the cheap frozen variety?  How will your preferred brand stack up?

I like pepperoni, it's my go-to for a pizza topping and my favorite pizza combo is a thin crust, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, with extra cheese.  You won't find that combo in grocery stores, so with that in mind, part of this review/evaluation of pizzas is the ability to doctor it, as in add your favorite ingredients.  Lord knows the bargain basement brands don't exactly get crazy with copious amounts of meat and cheese.  A lot of folks 'doctor' pizzas before placement in the oven and I'm here to assist with that.  No, that doesn't mean I'm a pizza nurse...  Don't go there.....    


Great Value Pepperoni Pizza
Is 'Great Value' pizza, a great value?

It's the final day of the challenge and I'm reviewing Great Value, a.k.a., Walmart's version of a pepperoni pizza.  Will it be a 'great value?'   In a quick look/see of the box, the mozzarella is made with whole milk, that's a good sign.   This pizza cost me just $2.78, which is on the lower end end of the bargain pizza price scale and it weighed in at 16.35 ounces. 

So how was it? 

It's not a great value.  Everything about this pizza is bland and the crust is cardboard.  The pepperoni had no zest, the sauce didn't carry any classic garlic, onion or oregano notes, the cheese wasn't bad but that crust was an epic fail.    It had no flavor and it failed to hold up to the added ingredients.  With two extra minutes applied to the normal baking time due to my added ingredients, the outer edge was over baked and the middle underside was under done.  Had I left the pizza in longer, the outer crust would have burned.   Great Value can't handle doctoring and boy does this pizza need the help!

A crust that doesn't hold up to doctoring

Great Value (Walmart) Thin Crust Pepperoni gets gets 1 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's NOT a repeat buy.  Everything about the pizza as boxed, is bland. 

1 star

Stay tuned for more frozen pizza reviews, with a complete ranking of worst to best to wrap up the challenge.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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I love Them they’re better As good as the marked up version digiorno pizza love the price also


The great value rising crust is $2.78 a digorno pizza are 6.00 and vary much the same pizza so if you like digorno then you will love walmart great value rising crust


I thought the Great Value Pizza was excellent and held up to my doctoring. Added cheese, mushrooms and onoins. It held up and loved it.

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