There are too many sub shops out there - so who makes the best subs? Day 3 Lunch: McAlister's Deli
There are too many sub shops out there - so who makes the best subs? Day 4 Lunch: Jason's Deli

There are too many sub shops out there - so who makes the best subs? Day 3 Dinner: Quiznos

By Mike Thayer

Are there that many people out there eating sub sandwiches but not really caring or understanding that they're possibly not eating at the best establishment?  That maybe, just maybe, they're eating only, sadly, at a place they're merely accustomed to, what they've settled to be comfortable with?

It would seem so, otherwise we wouldn't be so inundated with so darn many sub shops around.....  Subway, Jimmy John's, Firehouse Subs, Quizno's, Planet Sub, Schlotzsky's, Jason's Deli, McAlister's Deli and others.....

So in the name of 'Food Science' (cough), I will be undertaking the next Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge:  Who makes the best subs?  I'll be going through the restaurant list, one meal at a time, sampling sub sandwiches from the national chains.....  What?  Eat nothing but sub sandwiches for lunch AND dinner?  Like I said, done in the name of 'food science'......

Here is "The List" of sub shops/deli joints I have and will be trying out during the course of this challenge:

Quiznos Traditional
A Quiznos 8 inch sub to go

Who has the best sub sandwich?  The worst? 

It's dinner time on Day 3 and so I decided on Quiznos.  Staying as close as I could to ordering similar sandwiches from each restaurant visited, I went with the Quiznos Traditional, described on the restaurant's website as: Black angus steak, turkey, ham, cheddar, black olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ranch, served on your choice of Artisan Breads: White, Wheat, Rosemary Parmesan or Jalapeno Cheddar.  Again, staying consistent with ordering when/if at all possible, I ordered wheat bread.  And UNLIKE Jimmy John's tunnel vision staff, I was politely asked by the cute Quiznos sandwich specialist how I wanted to customize my toasted sandwich, so I added shredded lettuce and yellow mustard.

So how was my Quiznos Traditional? 

It was an excellent sandwich, the second very tasty sub sandwich experience of the day!

Quiznos Traditional inside view
Great flavors, but a bit skimpy on the meat

The bread was toasted perfectly, the black angus steak was stand out delicious, the cheddar was melted nicely and the veggies combined with the ranch and mustard was a perfect compliment making the sandwich very enjoyable with each bite.  My only knock, is the meat portion was a bit on the skimpy side.  There was great flavor in the meat, especially that steak, but a bit skimpy nonetheless.

I paid $7.85 for an 8" sub and a bag of chips.  Quiznos is Bachelor on the Cheap friendly and their Traditional sandwich is a repeat buy.    Side note:  Miss Vickie's White Cheddar Kettle Cooked Chips are awesome!   The service was fast and friendly.  I was in and out with my carry-out order lickety split during the dinner hour.  Quiznos gets 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars, the slightly skimpy portion of meat kept the rating from being 5 stars.    

4 stars

Stay tuned and spend wisely my friends.... 

Quiznos Traditional
With a bit more meat, this would be a 5 star sandwich


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