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Grilling Good Eats - Burgers, Sausages and Hot Dogs

Chapter 9 - Burgers, Sausages and Hot Dogs

Mike Thayer 2016Grilling Good Eats

By Mike Thayer

Without question, burgers and hot dogs (that’s spelled, D.A.W.G.S) are the most popular meats to be placed on a grill. In my book, burgers and dawgs are the ultimate summer time comfort foods. Bratwurst and sausages done right on the grill hit the spot as well.

TIP: When making your own burgers, use a ground beef with a higher fat content, like 80/20. The leaner grinds don’t measure up when it comes to juiciness and flavor and are better suited for foods other than burgers. Use the leaner grinds for skillet dishes and casseroles, too lean is too dry for a good burger. 

Remember Grilling Tip #1 from Chapter 2: Ground meats should be cold when putting on the grill. If patties are at room temperature, they tend to fall apart or droop through the cooking grate. As I make patties, I like to stack them with plastic wrap between each patty and put them in the freezer for about an hour before grilling.  And also Grilling Tip #6: When grilling those pre-made frozen hamburger patties, the packaged ‘fresh’ ones from the grocery store and for folks that like their hand made burgers well done, you should only flip your burger once. Assuming you stacked your coals right, after putting your burgers on, when you see red juices flowing to the top, it’s time to flip. After the flip, when you see the juices running clear, you know the burger is well done, the burger is cooked through.

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