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Restaurant Review: Fuzzy's Taco Shop

By Mike Thayer

Fuzzy's Taco ShopFirst appearing on Berry Street in Fort Worth, Texas in 2003, cravings since then for Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has turned into a cult-like following and more than 100 locations across the country. 

Wichita was introduced to Fuzzy's on March 12th.

I stopped in there today at about 2pm for a late lunch and the place was hopping!  There was a line waiting to order, something I was hoping to avoid mid-afternoon.  But like me, everybody wants to check out the new restaurant, so the time apparently, really doesn't matter, it's going to be busy.

Not wanting to stand in line to order my meal, I sauntered over to the bar and found a comfy seat, right in front of Kansas vs. Penn - March Madness - on TV.

In no time flat, the bartender asked me what I wanted to drink and offered up meal and drink menus.

"I'll take a Corona," I replied.

The beer was quickly served and it was good and cold.  I proceeded to review the menu.  Having checked out the food options online, I was already leaning on either the Grilled Shrimp Burrito or the Tempura Battered Shrimp Burrito, but I gave everything on the menu a quick glance-over just to be sure shrimp was the ticket I wanted to punch and also to see if the menu matched up with what you can view online.  It did.  They have A LOT of choices, in fact, I was almost tempted by the Brisket Burrito - I've never had one - but I did end up going with the Grilled Shrimp Burrito.  Just as stated on the menu, this thing is of Jumbo size and along with the grilled shrimp there's guacamole, shredded cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic sauce, cilantro/lime rice and black beans wrapped in a large flour tortilla.   The great thing about Fuzzy's, is you can customize your order, I could have gone with a different flavored rice or another type of bean for example.

Enthralled with the Kansas vs. Penn game, it was mere minutes I think when my burrito arrived.

It was a Jumbo dose of YUM!

The shrimp was grilled perfectly, the guacamole had a perfect, creamy consistency and all those other great flavors wrapped in that fresh tortilla was just fantastic, bite after bite.  And about that, I got all the ingredients in every bite - that's important.  I've had my fair share of burritos, tacos and the like from other joints where you get all beans in one bite, meat and cheese in another bite or just the veggies in yet another.  I truly appreciate the fact that whoever prepared my burrito, didn't just slop things in there.

Rita drinksNot only does Fuzzy's have great eats with a lot of options - something to please everyone, they've got a fun drink menu as well.  While I was busy munching away and enjoying the game, a couple of ladies at the bar next to me ordered some 'Rita' drinks.  One was a 'Beerrita' a standard margarita with a Dos XX or Corona dipped into it.  The second drink was a 'Sexyrita' made by dunking a champagne split into a Fuzzy’s house margarita.  The ladies had fun sampling each and really liked the bubbles created in the mixes.

The restaurant atmosphere is fun, the service was friendly, food/drink delivery fast.  And being a brand new restaurant, with new employees learning the Fuzzy's way to do tacos and drinks, it was running efficiently, even during a pretty busy time.  Kudos to the training staff.   My Jumbo Grilled Shrimp Burrito and two Coronas cost me $15.75 + tip.  This was a fun dining experience. I visited with some nice folks, enjoyed a great burrito along with a couple of cold beers and Kansas won their first round game!  I left the restaurant quite content.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner - there's a kids' menu too - Fuzzy's Taco Shop gets 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  I'll be trying that Brisket Burrito on my next visit!

5 stars

Fuzzy's Taco Shop - 302 N. Rock Rd, #30, Wichita

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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