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Gambinos 'Out pizzas' The Hut, Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.... Yes, Better Than Papa John's too!

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Today is National Pizza Day and being the Foodie that I am, it is my honor, no, my 'duty' to celebrate this day......

Pepperoni and mushroom pizza is my favorite and I'm a thin crust kind of guy.  I don't want to chew on a bunch of bread when I eat pizza.  I want to enjoy that savory sauce, the spice of the pepperoni, the heartiness of the mushrooms, with all of that goodness served on top of a crispy, flaky crust.  

But I have a dilemma, I'm not a fan of Pizza Hut (they are inconsistent with delivery AND product), Domino's sucks and Papa John's is so-so.  I'm in need of a pizza joint that can provide consistently great pizza and I haven't found that place in Wichita yet.

20180209_150225Until now.  A friend of mine recommended Gambino's, a regional chain that recently moved into the Wichita market - about six months ago.

I ordered my favorite for carry-out.  How else to better evaluate a pizza joint I've never frequented before, then by ordering what I know right?  I need a baseline, ordering a specialty pizza on a first visit wouldn't be a proper assessment.

The order was ready in just 20 minutes and my timing was perfect, with the pizza guy placing a box in the warming bin just as I was walking in the door and it had my name on it.   The price was $20.40 for a large - a 14 inch pie - and I got what they call the "Pepperoni Cravers" which comes with extra pepperoni, extra mozzarella and I built on that by adding the mushroom.  That price is high, especially when considering what competitors in the area are offering, but I'll let the taste be the final judge.

I took a peek under the lid before leaving the restaurant, the pizza looked fantastic and smelled even better!  With the aroma tempting me something fierce (eat a slice, eat a slice, eat a slice.....) during the drive home, I somehow managed to behave myself, parked my truck without incident and opened up the apartment door with the pizza box still intact, all slices accounted for.

20180209_150622After pouring myself a soda and grabbing a plate, it was time to enjoy the great looking pie.  That first bite and every bite thereafter delivered!  The sauce Gambino's puts together is awesome, packing great flavor with the pizza not being over or under sauced, it was sauced just right.  The pepperoni portion was huge, as was the amount of mushrooms and I could have taken a couple of stretchy-mozzarella-strings-in-that-bite selfies but I've got a face made for radio.  The crust was perfectly done, a nice crispy, flaky bite, without being dry.  Everything was complimented nicely with a dusting of oregano and other spices.

Overall, this was a great pizza experience.  My pizza was ready for pickup quickly, I was in and out of the restaurant in just a couple minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed the pie.  The only hangup I've got is the price, it's a bit high.  Without coupon deals or promotions - available on their website - I'm not sure enough people will come to learn how good this restaurant's pizza is.

Gambino's - You're going to love it!  And yes, they offer delivery.

Gambino's gets 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.

4 stars 

Spend Wisely My Friends.....


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